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Numerology & Your Essence Number

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numerology numbersIn numerology, there is a section that is associated with your name rather than your birthday. Numerology can transform your name into a solid set of numbers just like that. It is the study of prediction with the use of names and numbers rather than the time and ascendant of your birth! This most popular type of Numerology was first discovered by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.


The essence cycle numbers and the personal year number are the two most important indicators other than the life path number and destiny number that generally influence your life at any given course of time. Unlike the personal year number which runs from one calendar year to another, the essence number runs from one birthday to another.




The Essence Cycle Number acts an alternative prediction calculator based on using a person’s name rather than the birth date. This number uses the letters in the name in what is referred to as transits, and then arrives at a prediction cycle information pattern known as the Essence. This number utilizes the letters associated with a person’s name rather than his/her date of birth.


The letters in the name are referred to as the transits of the name, and these are used to arrive at important cycle information, which are known as the Essences. On the whole, the Essence Cycle Number Test helps you obtain a fair idea about what may happen during the different periods of your life. Each Essence Cycle Number has completely different characteristics.



Life Numbers

Each life lesson that you will be dealing with in a personal year is generated by the essence numbers. It also tells you a great deal on how you will perceive your surrounding environment both in your workplace and also back home. A clear picture as to in which part of the year success will be knocking your doors is also provided by this number. Knowing your essence cycle number, you can behave accordingly, as it reveals which type of behavior will be beneficial and which type will be less effective.




The Essence Cycle Number is a type of name numerology analysis calculated by totaling the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your middle name and the first letter of your last name. This total value denotes the tone of the year ranging from birth up to age one. Based on this, we find the Essence number numerology of each year in our life.


For example if the essence number numerology report of an individual is 1, it means that the individual will be starting his life afresh. New ideas and concepts related to personal health and finances will come to him. He will be innovative, efficient, creative and also courageous.


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