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2017 Numerology Predictions For You

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Numerology for 2017Numerology readings include calculations of numerology numbers that are important in one’s life. Read on to know more about 10 most essential numbers in numerology for 2017 predictions.


Numerology is one practice that is related to the branch of science called mathematics and yet stays away from science by predicting the life of people. The base foundation of numerology is the numbers in your name and date of birth. Numerologists believe that the name you were being called and the date on which you were born has a profound effect all through your life.




Numerology NumbersTo use numerology to find your destiny, you need to sum up the digits in your date of birth or digits corresponding to your name till the final output is single digit number. Except 11 and 22 which are Master Numbers, the rest of the numbers involved in numerology are from 1-9.


Each of these numerology numbers have distinct characteristics and when your name or date of birth sums up to that number, then your future or present has something in common with that number’s characteristics. Knowing how these numbers affect your life in 2017, is essential if you wish to be prepared for the future.




For example, if you get 1 from adding up the digits in your date of birth, then you are ambitious and determined. When the summing up of digits ends up in 11 or 22, you should not proceed further, for they are the Master Numbers in numerology.




Numerology CalculatorThere are already different kinds of numbers in Numerology such as Life Path Number (obtained by summing up your date of birth dd+mm+yyyy), Expression or Destiny Number (by summing up the digits that corresponds to alphabet in your name, like A=1, J=1 Z=8).


Heart’s Desire Number (by summing up the digits corresponding to vowels in your name), Birthday Number (by adding up the day of your birth) and Personality Number (by adding digits corresponding to the consonants in your name).




How you start or approach a task and how you finish it can also be taken from your name. The first alphabet of your name is the Cornerstone Number and the last alphabet of your name is the Capstone number. The Capstone Number determines the method by which you will finish a task. For example, if a person named William wanted to end his relationship, then he might end it in a conservative manner, by not celebrating the end. Cornerstone determines how you approach both difficulties and success.




2017 Numerology Predictions Now you know how your name can influence the start and stop of work, but numerology predictions go a step ahead by finding the turning point in your life. This is called as Pinnacle Number. Pinnacle is divided into four types, first one got by summing up digits of your birth month, second by summing up birthday digits, third by summing up year digits and fourth by summing up the sum of month and year digits.

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When you get number 1 in the first pinnacle, then the first few years of life will be a learning period. When you get 3 in 4th pinnacle, which is your old age, then there is a greater possibility to travel. These pinnacle periods are compared to the four seasons, with the first one compared to spring season and the fourth pinnacle related to winter season.


When you want to use numerology to predict happenings in daily life, then you need to calculate your Personal Day Number. This is done by adding your birth date and month with the current date and month. Then the number is added to the current year and reduced to single digit. This number is your personal day number and can be used to predict daily happenings.




Lucky Numbers 2017The Planes of Expression are a matrix of three rows and four columns. The three rows are Creative, Adaptable and Balanced. The four columns are Mental, Physical, Emotional and Intuitive. This numerology calculator helps find out how creative you are and how balanced you are. Planes of expression are a more detailed method of finding the inner you using mathematics.


Thus the important numbers in numerology forecast your true personality and 2017 predictions.



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