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Stock Market Numerology 2017 With Name Numbers

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Stock market numerology predictions depend solely on your lucky numbers like name numerology. Get a free destiny number or name numerology reading to know your lucky numbers for stock trading.


Stock Market BullThe concept that your name mirrors your personality may appear to be a New Age concept to many of us, but it is actually one of the oldest concepts prevailing till date.


Numerology is the study of numbers derived from a person's name and birth date only to reveal his characteristic traits and predict his future. The root of this ancient from of divination stretches as far back as ancient Mesopotamian civilization. The numerology system which is popular till date is said to have originated with the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece.


It was Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher, who believed that everything in the universe consists of vibrations that correspond to particular numbers. So much so, he started believing that each individual also has unique vibrations which results to a particular set of numbers that reflects his personality and help him in knowing his fate.


Like the other branches of numerology, financial numerology also uses the nine numbers for the purpose of speculating the stock market. As per the concept of numerology, each number has a vibration and certain beneficial numbers can bring good luck, fate, fame and fortune.


money predictionsStock Market Numerology Overview


Stock Market speculation is a form of precise logic and calculation. You need to know the market values and conditions; and you need to learn as how to select shares and stocks based on your lucky numbers and then only can you hope to be successful in your investments.


The Name Numerology is the prima facie number that needs to be used for speculating the stock market. As such, numerologists across the world have assigned particular numbers to all the 26 letters of the alphabet. This helps you in deriving your Name Number.


The numerology numbers assigned to the letters of the alphabet are:

Alphabet Letters Numbers
A I J Q Y 1
B K R 2
C G L S 3
D M T 4
E H N X 5
U V W 6
O Z 7
F P 8


name numerologyThe Name Number is derived by adding all the digits which correspond to the letters in your name. Say for instance, your name number is 4. As per numerological concepts, the number 4 is ruled by the Rahu node which governs IT. As such, investing in the shares of Information Technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, etc will bring in solid profit, thus paving your path to success.


The following numerology chart shows the numbers, their ruling planets and the preferred industry of each numbers ranging from one to nine. Selecting shares and investing in the industries as per this list will definitely help you in being a successful investor.


Numerology Numbers Ruling Planets Industry
1 Sun Public Sector Units
2 Moon Pharmaceutical
3 Jupiter Banking
4 Moon North Node (Rahu) Information Technology
5 Mercury Telecommunication
6 Venus Automobile
7 Moon South Node (Ketu) Oil
8 Saturn Engineering
9 Mars Electricity


Stock ProfitNumerology and its application have been in practice for a long time, and many people do believe in it and even find it meaningful! But there are also groups of people who are still on the lookout of a convincing, clear explanation of everything related to this subject of mystics.


As far as numerology and stock market speculation is concerned, we have to understand that the investment market situation must be judged by technical analysis. Only a right combination of both can help us to succeed in stock market trading.


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