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Astrology Can Decide Your Horoscope Compatibility

Article posted on July 2, 2012 and it has been read by 14281 people

Love and marriage are the two basic things in our lives that tend to fascinate us very easily. Through the study of astrology the position, placement and movement of the different planets with respect to our natal chart gives a clear insight into our love life. We can learn a lot about ourselves and our partners.


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"Are we compatible?" - is the very first question that strikes a couple. Compatibility and love are synonymous terms. Love depends much on the manner how the two persons involved in a particular relationship get along with each other. A certain quality or trait of your partner which seems cute to you today may turn disgusting and intolerable tomorrow.


Thus in order to check out the level and degree of compatibility between a couple the study of astrology is an indispensable factor. Astrology helps you have an insight about the basic characteristic traits that you possess as an individual. It also gives a detailed report on how well you will be able to carry on your relationship with your partner - your compatibility and love ranking. The Compatibility Report of a couple is derived from the analytical study of their horoscopes and this is possible only with the study of astrology.




The movement of the heavenly bodies in the sky and their influence on our lives are the things which are dealt in astrology. There are 12 astrological sun signs and each sign signifies certain energy. Astrology indicates how each of the 12 sun signs expresses their respective energy.


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All the signs, houses and planets in an individual's natal chart have certain associated powers. The strength of the planet depends on the house it occupies and the aspects it makes. Along with the power component, each planet also has a harmony component. From research it is also seen that the product of the two, correctly generates the compatibility level between two individuals. After generating results for a random number of people, average values have been calculated, based upon which the compatibility report is generated.




For the purpose of deriving the compatibility report the user is usually initially asked to enter the natal data for both the partners. After the input of the required data the Compatibility Report for the same is generated. Compatibility reports thus generated are highly accurate and interesting, giving an insight into one’s love relationship. After all Compatibility is the key to success in any relationship.


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