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Cancer Zodiac Health Predictions

Article posted on July 19, 2012 and it has been read by 7934 people

As far as the external body parts are concerned, Cancer zodiac sign rules over the breasts, elbows and the epigastric regions; whereas, internally it governs the digestive organs, the upper lobe of the liver, stomach, pancreas, womb, blood serum and the thoracic duct. To be precise, the entire digestive system is ruled by this particular sign of the zodiac.


Female Cancerians can easily be identified by their soft, beautifully shaped, creamy and curving body structure; while the Cancer males can be spotted with the help of their well-shaped and broad chests and flat stomach. But it must however be noted, that these physical features of both the sexes are subject to change with age.




As far as illness is concerned, the main reasons for the natives of this zodiac falling ill are over-anxiety, tension, emotion and stress. Cancer people are prone to stomach ailments and digestive problems like gastric, ulcers, nausea and the like. You should also take necessary precautions against jaundice, mammary affrications, gall bladder stones, and liver torpidity.


You may also become frequent victims of coughs, colds, gallstones and other general illness. Being a Water sign, you are inclined to taking alcohol and wine; beverages are something that you do not like. However, drinking too much alcohol can lead to stomach and liver problems.




In general, unlike the other signs of the zodiac, the Cancer individuals are never found to age off quickly. They can preserve their youthful appearance for many years and as such it is very difficult to detect the actual age of these people. The natives of this zodiacal sign are greatly affected by the surrounding environment; one of the most peculiar characteristic of these people is, when they get very upset, they use food and drinks to calm themselves and recover from depression.


High calorie food like cakes, pastries, pies, ice creams, burgers and candy are some of the all time favorites of these people, but too much intake of these things can easily make them ill. If proper care is not taken with regards to foods and drinks, then the pure Cancerians are likely to suffer from physical weakness, digestive problems, stomach ailments and other related problems even at the best of times.




Calcium fluoride is the cell salt of the Cancerian people. It is the salt, which, along with albumen and oil helps to maintain the elasticity of the human body and keeps the connective tissues healthy. Calcium fluoride is also an essential component that is essential to maintain the health of the tooth enamel, the fingernails, the lens of the eyes and the bones.


A person suffering from the deficiency of this particular salt is likely to experience receding gums, eye problems, curvature of spinal cord and also varicose veins.  As such it is very much necessary for the Cancer folks to include foods containing high Calcium fluoride in their diet. Examples of such food are whole grain rye, egg yolks, beets, yogurt, fish, oysters and watercress.


Subjects of this sign of the zodiac are also susceptible to skin infections and disorders due to lack of calcium. So, attention needs to be paid to include the intake of enough calcium foods like milk, cheese, lettuce, diary products and kale. In case of stomach inflammations, it is advisable to have Okra, which also contains calcium.


Born under this sign of the zodiac, you must be careful about your foods, drinks and eating habits. Iodine is good and beneficial for the health and well being of the Cancer natives. Thus, you should always make sure that your regular diet includes some portion of fish.

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