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Dasha Predictions - Influence Of Planetary Periods

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Astrology Planets

Dasha calculator are online astrology tools that find the planetary periods or Dashas in the birth chart of an individual. Know more about the different planetary cycles and their effects.


A planet, which means Wandering Star in Greek, has always been an object of amazement to the ancient people. According to them, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn made the seven planets in their sky. They thought that the seven planets revolved around the earth in varied speeds among the fixed stars in the background. Thus the name Wandering Star. They had already designed a zodiac by dividing the sky into twelve divisions.


Now the time during which the planet stays in one of these zodiac or near the moon is called a Planetary period. As you know that the speed at which the planet travels in the night sky varies for each planet. So planetary period of each planet varies.


Persians developed a method called Firdaria, wherein your astrology predictions are done based on the planetary period. Firdaria sequences the order of planets on two bases – whether you are born in the day or night. When you are born in the day, the planetary positions throughout your life will be in this order – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, North Node and South Node. And when you are born in the night, your planet sequences are Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, North Node, South Node, Sun, Venus and Mercury.

Planets In Astrology

Each planet has its own time to rule your life, with Jupiter at the maximum ruling for 12 years and South Node at minimum ruling for 2 years. Based on which planet is ruling your life, your destiny and current problems can be determined.


Indians have their own version of planetary periods. It is called as Dasha. When you have Dasha of Venus, you will have a enjoyable love life. There are at least 43 types of Dasha systems in Indian astrology like Vimshottari Dasha, Ashtotari Dasha,Yogini Dasha, Kaalchakra Dasha, etc. Each type of Dasha predicts your life in a different manner.


Of these, Vimshottari Dasha is the most famous type. Vimshottari is the Sanskrit equivalent of 120 and this type of Dasha is 120 year long cycle. This Dasha is based on the position of Moon in each of the 27 Nakshatras. Each planet has a Mahadasha, during which it rules the person’s life. Based on the Nakshatra in which the moon was during your birth, your planet dasha starts.


Astrology Birth ChrtThe planets are more like Firdaria with North node as Rahu and South Node as Ketu. Ketu Mahadasha is for 7 years, Venus for 20, Sun for 6, Moon for 10, Mars for 7, Rahu for 18, Jupiter for 16, Saturn for 19 and Mercury for 17 years. If you are born in Krittika Nakshatra (Moon in Pleiades), then you would be having Sun Dasha at the time of your birth.


If you are born in Ketu dasha, your success will be limited until the end of Dasha. If you are born in Mars dasha, then courage is your friend. Like how much benefit each dasha does to you, the presence of those planets in bad positions can give you financial as well as health problems. For example, a weakly placed Saturn during the Saturn dasha can cause health problems which are chronic and painful like cancer, skin disease, paralysis, arthritis, insanity, low sexual drive and impotency and asthma.


Each Mahadasha is divided into Bhukthi, which occupies 1/7th of each of the planet’s period. The influence of Bhukthi is also the same as that of planets, with each planet showering its influence on a person for each portion of Bhukthi in a Dasha.


Now you that you have read about planetary periods and its influence, why don’t you try out Firdaria and Dasha calculator here to get an accurate astrological analysis?






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