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How To Keep A Tarot Journal

Article posted on July 19, 2012 and it has been read by 9712 people

Do you have a personal diary? If you have one, then things will be easier for you to understand. If not, then no problem. We will explain. A tarot journal is nothing but a personal diary that contains an individual’s own notes about the meanings, spreads and interpretations of each Tarot card and also for the readings you may have done. It is basically a personal collection of all things related to the Tarots. It helps you learn, understand and develop your Tarot skills.


The tarot journal is a place where anything related to the realms of tarot reading and the cards need to be recorded. In case of any additional and unusual insights, it should promptly be recorded in the journal. It needs to be the ultimate depository of your understanding of the Tarot.


Apart from developing the skills of tarot reading, the journal also leads to the development of spiritual abilities. Each card holds a personal message that can be used for daily meditation. Not only that, each tarot card helps us in having a deep insight into an individual and explains the basic purpose of our lives.




Benefits of Tarot Journals:


1. Learn tarot reading from texts and other standard resources in the journal.

2. Applying our own personal experience to the study of tarot.

3. Relating your own experiences to the depth of understanding tarot.


First of all it is of course mandatory to purchase a tarot journal which can be a simple notebook, a diary or an elaborate expensive journal. There are a number of people selling some beautiful designs online as well. In case you get yourself an elaborate and expensive journal always be sure to keep a small handy notebook along with you wherever you travel.


It is best to keep regular entries in your journal in order to maintain your interest and a disciplined course of study. Never wait for the ‘perfect place’ for writing a tarot journal.


As mentioned earlier, carry around a small notebook so you can write whenever an idea enters your head. If you are constantly waiting for the perfect time to write, you may be waiting quite a while and a lot of ideas will be missed.




Contents Of The Journal:

1. The meaning and the first impression which the cards lay upon you.

2. Description of the characters, landscapes, symbols and images.

3. Details of the card i.e. the corresponding astrological signs, numerological significance and the related elements.

4. Interpretations of different words and terms used in tarot.

The layout and spreads section may contain most of all the layouts that you may have collected from books, websites and those you created yourself. The third section may include holiday and lunar rituals that you can use your tarot cards with.


In the tarot games section, most of the games are found online. And moreover tarot games are such games which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Games like Tarot-opoly, Rummy and Poker are some of them.


Tarot is the greatest divination tool for understanding and interpreting the spiritual messages. The deck of 78 picture cards - the tarot, is being used since time immemorial for revealing the hidden truths. In the recent past, use of tarot as a form of divination and interest in the subject has grown tremendously. These days more and more people are trying to know the details about their inner selves, so that they can blend their inner and outer habits and nature and live a better life.

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