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Enhance Your Relationship With Aromatherapy

Article posted on August 23, 2012 and it has been read by 9648 people

Aromatherapy OilsAfter a whole day of hard work and a tiresome routine, imagine returning home with your partner, and stepping into a room filled with aromatic scent of pure and organic essential oils; the aromatic essence instantly stirs up both of your emotional instincts as the oils are those that have been chosen especially because of their aphrodisiac qualities. Romantic and intimate moods can well be instigated with the help of some of the essential aromatic oils. With the use of these oils it is easier to create a sensual ambience.


Love and romantic feelings can work wonders and be controlled in a totally new ways with just a few drops of the aromatic essential oils accompanied with imagination. Enhancing self confidence and self esteem are the prime focus of the aromatherapy blends. The enthralling aromatic oils and the massages help a lot in making a person feel better which in turn will help him/her in making his/her partners feel the same. The oil blends and aromatherapy can work wonders provided there is excellent love between partners and both have respect for each other.

Over decades aromatherapy has been considered to be an essential and integral part of love making and romanticism. Creating an aromatic environment in the bedroom plays a vital role in seduction. Cleopatra’s favorite was Rose oil.




As we all know that caressing, touching and feeling are the major steps in a perfect and successful love making. These things arouse the sexual hormones within the human body and stimulate the sensory glands which further enhance our energy level. The state of the energy level can further be heightened with the use and power of aromatherapy and its magical blends.


Aromatherapy Fragrance

Essential oils like rose, cedar wood, neroli, black pepper, ginger, sandalwood, rosemary, patchouli and ylang-ylang are the most useful and effective oils for blend making in aromatherapy. Apart from serving for romantic and intimate purposes, these oils can also be used for stress management and pain relief as well.




The blend thus made with these essential oils can be used either alone or with one's partner in a warm and cozy environment. The few most recommended ways of using the blend are:


1. Refreshing Bath - 15 drops of the blend may be added to warm bath water for a refreshing feeling.


2. Massage - 30 drops of the blend needs to be added to 4 ounces of body lotion or oil and a massage may be taken for effective results.


3. Room Sprayer - The blend can also be used as a room freshener or sprayer which will help the partners relax and enjoy the effects in the bedroom. 15 drops of the blend needs to be added to 4 ounces of water and the mixture has to be sprayed all over the room.


Aromatherapy Candles4. Candles - Small inexpensive scentless candles can also be used. The candles need to be burnt until the wax appears around the wick. Adding 3 drops of the essential blend to directly to the wick will also serve the purpose and help impart a romantic and sensuous environment.




Before making a useful aromatic blend it must however be remembered that scentless body oils and lotions are required for the purpose of adding the aromatic essential oils. It is highly recommended not to compromise on the quality of the base oil or the body lotion as it is the tool which will ultimately enhance the circulation and affect the underlying tissues and our sensory glands.


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