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How To Determine The Legitimacy Of A Psychic Or Tarot Card Reader

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Psychic Tarot ReadingPsychic reading is defined as an attempt to discern things or information about life in general through the use perceptive abilities. This is the use of heightened human senses of sound, sight, instinct, taste and touch. Psychic reading is simply a form of divination. Of the many forms of divination, one of the most popular is tarot reading.

Tarromancy, simply referred to as tarot reading, is where tarot cards are used to measure possible outcomes and evaluate possible influences that surrounds an event, a person or sometimes even both. Taromanncy is a subsection of cartomancy – the general term used to define divination through cards. In other words, it is the evaluation of influences at work in your life and/or in line with a particular issue.

The Power of Tarot Cards

Tarot CardsOne school of thought believes that the cards have absolutely no power in predicting the future. As such, they are simply used to provide a visual cue that will guide the card reader into the right direction.

On the flip side of the coin is a school of thought that believes there is some inherent power within the cards. These powers, they believe, help enhance the tarot card reader’s natural talents of card reading. This explains the reason why card readers will only deal with their own decks.

Power and Knowledge In Tarot Card Reading

Tarot ReadingJust like the power of tarot cards, the notion of source of power and knowledge in tarot card reading has been a point of mixed opinions among magical practitioners and psychics. There are those who believe the power is natural in a gifted card reader.

This group believes that the inherent power is what the reader uses to access universal understandings and that the presence of the cards is a medium through which one is able to activate their inborn talent.

Another school of thought believes in tapping into universal consciousness or universal mind. Yet, another group of thinkers attributes the influence of supernatural beings in dealing the cards and arranging them in a useful order.

How to Determine the Legitimacy of a Tarot Card Reader

Tarot ReaderUnless you have the inborn talent of reading tarot cards, working with a tarot reader may be your best bet. There are ways you can learn psychic reading, which has even been made easier by the Internet.

But before you start to learn about psychic reading, you may probably want to get a genuine tarot card reader. Be advised that there are no hard and fast rules in finding out whether a particular psychic has legitimate tarot card reading skills or is a fraud. This has even been made more complex by the fact that tarot reading does not give any measurable effect.

Rather, it just gives guidance and advice towards future possibilities. Some of the telltale signs, however, is to:-

•    Check whether the card reader is only giving optimistic predictions.
•    Check whether the reader is trying to force you into accepting “solutions” to the projected problems in your life
•    Check whether the reader is only providing tangible promises of your future.

There is a lot that comes into play when it comes to psychic reading. However, if a tarot reader is only telling you all the positive things that you want to hear, or forcing you to accept a solution they have on offer for their “negative predictions”, you might want to follow your gut feeling and look elsewhere and get away from this fake psychic reader.




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