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Your Attitude Reflects Your Personality

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Positive AttitudeAll of us have certain goals or aims, in our lives. A child grows up keeping in mind his goals and perspectives. Goals and attitude are very closely related to each other.

The role of attitude in achieving goals cannot however, be underestimated. Goals without a positive attitude are not goals at all. There is no sense working towards them, without a positive attitude, for there is no way to reach them.




Without a positive attitude, there is no better way to overcome stress and problems, no way to face temporary failure and to try again. Not only does a positive attitude point the direction in which one should strive, but it is also the power plant that enables us to proceed in that direction.


The positive attitude always says, “I will” and “I can”; it never says, “I’ll see if I can make it.” And when failure strikes, the positive attitude has a fall back position from which it will try again and again, and if necessary in order to reach its goal, it may also try a different route. But the fall back position is never a negative thinking; it always comes as a reassessment, after having studied the failure to see if it offers a lesson. It is a common saying that, ‘Failure is the pillar of Success!’




Positive ThinkingJeck Jackson, director of operations, PUSH, believes that a right attitude will help you achieve any given goal. No matter how adverse your circumstances may be, how you react is up to you. Your attitude always speaks. Even in worst situations, you will have the high road and the low road.


Money or wealth is not required to buy integrity, decency and a moral character. If imperfection is what we are looking for, then wherever we look we may find imperfectionists performing imperfect tasks. But, to be very frank, imperfection has no reward and on top of all, it gets us nowhere.




The jeweler polishes away the imperfect parts of the stone until the smooth facets of the diamond gemstone sparkles brilliantly. It is the same stone which was covered by imperfections, but the goal of the jeweler was to make the diamond sparkle. He did have a positive attitude; he was inspired by his faith in his ability to achieve his goals. Without the goal, the attitude and the faith he would have done nothing but the rough-edged stone, he started off with.


Similarly a sculptor of India was asked how he could sculpt such accurate examples of Indians. He replied that he simply chops off everything that does not seem to be of an Indian. This explanation was just a simplification of his work. The main thing is that, he had the same ingredients as that of the jeweler i.e. positive attitude and faith. Indeed every goal we wish to reach has the same ingredients: positive attitude and faith.




MotivationThere is also a story of a man who was trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle of the map of United States. After having worked on it for hours, he became frustrated and asked his 10 year old son to give it a try. The little boy, to his astonishment, completely assembled the puzzle. When he asked the boy how he managed to do it, the boy explained that the reverse side of the puzzle was a simple picture of a man. So very simply, he answered: “Daddy, once you get the man together, you’ve got the country together.”


Success through a positive mental attitude is possible in two ways:

  1. You motivate by example.
  2. You can attract happiness.


These are the products of a positive attitude, a positive way to look at things. We are always given the opportunity to improve our surroundings, to motivate ourselves and others to achieve just a little bit more, to become a little bit better employee, employer, spouse, parent and we can do all these by changing our attitude.


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