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Moon Signs And Love Compatibility

Article posted on June 29, 2012 and it has been read by 27414 people

Sun Sign astrology is something about which almost all of us are well aware. But Moon Sign astrology? How many of us are aware about this particular branch of astrology? To be frank, not many of us know about our Moon Signs and moon sign astrology in general. It continues to remain an unknown facet of astrology.


Moon Signs

Moon Sign is the zodiac sign in which the Moon was positioned at the time of a person's birth. We are all very much aware of the twelve zodiac signs. Now at the time of birth, both the Sun and the Moon remains at a particular position in the zodiac cycle. So if the Sun was positioned in Capricorn and the Moon in Gemini, then Libra, as you know, will be your sun sign and Gemini will be considered to be your Moon Sign.







Sun sign is the sign that reveals your core self, your identity as an individual. But it is a person's Moon Sign that reveals his inner self, his emotions, feelings and sentiments. Your Moon sign reflects your instincts and intuitive self. And when it comes to relationship and compatibility, Moon Sign plays a far dominant role than your Sun Signs. Now comes the most important part of our discussion - the calculation of your Moon Sign. Moon Signs, like the Sun signs has its basis in the date of birth of an individual. But because it is not a very much talked-about subject, so it is difficult calculate and determine your moon sign.


Love, relations and marriage in general are very sensitive and personal issues for all human beings. A happy love life is very essential for leading a peaceful and successful life. This is for sure the most desired feeling for every one of us. But, a look at the world around us reveals that not all individuals are leading a happy and peaceful love life and not holding hands with their soul mates.


Moon Sign For Love

Moon Sign plays an important role in determining the degree of compatibility between two individuals. But calculating your and your partner's moon signs is also not an easy task. A Moon Sign Calculator lets you know your moon sign and that of your partner, your level of compatibility, your common likes and dislikes and much more.







With the advancement of technology, mystique subjects like astrology is experiencing a wide spectrum of popularity and is gaining a new dimension, something which the forefathers of the subject could have never imagined! Previously things like calculating the moon sign or generating the level of compatibility between two people or knowing who will be the best match for you seemed to be a dream. But now this dream has become a reality.


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