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Mystery Of Bible Astrology

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Bible AstrologyThere are many suggestions to the Astrology in the Bible which is also known as Biblical Astrology. The Sun and other planets were mentioned in several places in the Bible. Jesus himself was compared with the Sun for his radiant face and for his aura.


There is proof observed by historians between Son of God and the Orion constellation. The descriptions given for the Son of God fits the human form of the Orion constellation. 


There were also references of the Age of Pisces, one of the Astrological Ages, in the Bible. Jesus was born in the Age of Pisces and so there were appearances of Fish in various stages of his life. Also there was mention of a man bearing a pitcher of water, which is the Symbol of Aquarius


In a move to embrace Christianity, Roman emperor Constantine issued an edict in the early 4th century, warning all astrologers to stop practicing. Astrology vanished from Europe for a few centuries. Even though the Church was against astrology, study of motion of planets and stars continued in certain parts of the world.




Christian AstrologyIt was believed that the Magi, who were Zoroaster followers skilled in reading the sky, foretold the arrival of King of Jews to King Herod. And they followed the star which ended in them witnessing the birth of the Jesus Christ. This confirms the use of astrology thousands of years before. But later Christian doctrines were established which made astrology incompatible with their method of worship. This prohibition of astrology continued till the Renaissance period, where people started learning astrology.


An English astrologer named William Lilly wrote a book called Christian Astrology as early as 1647. In that book, he had written about the Zodiac, planets, houses and how to create natal charts. He had derived his book based upon the Ptolemy astrology and astrological concepts from various other civilizations.


In another form of astrology, Jesus and twelve apostles were considered to be Sun and twelve zodiac signs.  It is believed by astrologers that the twelve apostles correspond to the twelve zodiac signs in the following manner: Simon (Aries), Thaddeus (Taurus), Matthew (Gemini), Philip (Cancer), James (Leo), Thomas (Virgo), John (Libra), Judas (Scorpio), Peter (Sagittarius), Andrew (Capricorn),James (Aquarius) and Bartholomew (Pisces). Jesus is considered to be the Sun, who is the center of all these twelve zodiac signs.




Although Christianity forbade the use of Divination in any way, certain people have been using the Bible to read or predict the future. This method of divination which used books as the medium of foretelling is called Bibliomancy. The word Bibliomancy derived from the Latin words biblio and mancy, biblio stands for ‘book’ and mancy stands for ‘divination by means of’. People doing bibliomancy take a religious book and then hold it by its spine, open it in random to get to a page. The verse that their eyes fall upon first would be considered to be the forecast of the future.




There was another form of Bibliomancy which the famous poet Robert Browning had used. He wanted to know of his future with a girl and he chose the method of choosing a book in the library that would foretell his future. What he thought was that the random book in the library that he might choose would be a romantic one reflecting his state of mind and his love for that girl. But sadly, it was an Italian Grammar book. Yet, he randomly opened the book and read the verse that his eyes fell on, which was related to love. And so he married that girl, who was Elizabeth Barret.


Now, you know about the influence of Christianity and the Bible on Astrology and Bibliomancy or fortune telling. A free online future prediction can help you do wonders in life.


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