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Blood Type Personality & Compatibility

Article posted on December 11, 2012 and it has been read by 18550 people

Japanese Blood Type PersonalityThere are different kinds and types of personality tests. Some may be based on colors, numbers, choices you make in life and such other similar criteria. While determining a personality of a person in East Asian countries like Japan and Korea, people refer to the Blood type test.


According to the Blood Type personality test, it is widely believed in those countries that a person with blood type A would be earnest, creative, sensible, reserved and also fastidious, stubborn and tense. A person with B blood type would be active, creative and also selfish and erratic.


A person with AB blood type would be controlled, adaptable while also be critical and indecisive. And finally, a person with blood type O would be confident and optimistic while also being cold and doubtful.




Blood Type CompatibilityThe belief that a character trait of a person is related to the blood type is prevalent in Japan. It is said that they do a blood type analysis of a person before recruiting him or her for a job or for granting admission in school or college. Though these activities are strictly forbidden by those governments, it is still being followed secretly.


Also, there are stories of people being given jobs based on the blood type they belong to and even writers mention the blood type of characters to show its importance. Before marrying someone, they look for the compatibility of blood between partners.


For example, the blood type A is considered to be romantically compatible with types A and AB. Even without scientific background, most of the Japanese and Korean believe in this blood personality and look for love compatibility among people based on their blood types.




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