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Top 5 Ways To Pamper Your Partner

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A love calculator shows the level of compatibility between couples in a relationship. Love and romance are most important in all relationships. Try the different love meter games and understand your partner better. Make the most of your relationship by understanding your lover in a unique way in 2016.





Love CalculatorWhat is love? Is it true love? Does he or she love me? Is he or she the right person for me? Am I in love? Are we made for each other? Such confusing questions come to everyone’s mind. If you are thinking of your current or old flame, then taking a love test is the best option. But finding the answers is not so easy. If you are already in a relationship, you can make it better with your own efforts instead of depending on personal destiny.    

Now take this scenario. It is your first wedding anniversary and after throwing an awesome party to your friends in the evening, your wife had to go to office for an urgent work. While you arrive home and ease yourself in the couch, you get to know that the cricket match you had expected to see got delayed due to rain. You go through the other channels in a bored manner, when you get a chance to see a romantic scene from a movie.

Aromatherapy MassageSomething strikes your mind and you get up to arrange a few things around your home. You could not leave home now, because she might be in anytime. So you just do some arrangements to surprise her before she arrives. And as you nearly finish the arrangements, the calling bell rings. You just freshen up yourselves and rush to the doorstep, with a rose in hand. Now, you are ready to pamper your partner with the one of the top 5 ways that is aromatherapy.

You give her a rose as soon as she steps in. The aroma from the rose just makes her romantic. But you don’t stop with it. You take her by the hand to the table, where you have arranged a mini dinner, with chocolate sauces and yummy pies. You can also keep cashews, almonds and strawberries. She notices the pleasant aroma that has risen to her nose. It is the aromatic room spray you had sprayed throughout the room.

Then, she sees the plates on a table decorated with her favorite cherry red and milky white tablecloth. And as she finishes, you take her to the wash area, where you have made a basin of warm water with aromatic oils and herbs. As she washes her legs, you massage her legs with special aromatic oils and take her through the home filled with aromatic oil vapors. She hugs you and expresses her love for you a hundred times. And you can see she is madly in love with you now.

love testFew days later, her birthday comes and you sadly forgot it in your work pressure. And she was sitting in her desk breathing like a pressure cooker. It is then you tell her to make coffee. She shouts at you and then after a few seconds, comes jogging to you and hugs you. Yes, you had kept a gift for her birthday with lovely cards in the kitchen. Getting a gift is important to pamper a partner, but the surprise element is as important as well. Keep the flame burning in the relationship.


Cooking for your wife is another best way to impress her. Just cook favorite dishes and then she will be your best wife. But this doesn’t mean that you would have to impress her always. Relationship is bilateral and a wife can take care of her husband by making him feel proud of marrying her. Praying for her husband while he is sick and being with him all the time makes a guy emotionally attached to his wife.

Love Test

Reading a book to your partner makes both of you attached to each other. Read a romantic poem and you will see your partner cuddling your at its end. Love compatibility between couples increases when they spend more time with each other.

Love HeartsPerforming a massage is one way to keep your partner at ease. Also spa treatments like soaking foot in water can be sexually relaxing.

Finally, nothing makes your partner feel good rather than how you look to them. Dress up as they like and as they wish and make them feel that they have the best partner in the world.

By taking a love test online like the FLAMES love calculator, you understand how compatible you are with your partner. Find out how good or bad your relationships can be based on the love test results.





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