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Kundali Birth Chart Matching Revealed

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Vedic AstrologyMatch-making and marriages are important aspects of our lives. Through the study of astrology the position, placement and movement of the different planets with respect to our natal chart gives a clear insight into our love life. We can learn a lot about ourselves and our partners. Vedic astrology gives more importance to the moon than the sun. The rashi of an individual plays a great role in determining the characteristics of an individual. Kundali Matching is based on an astrological analysis of a person and his/ her partner’s rashi.




Vedic or Hindu astrology has been derived from the Vedas – the primary Hindu text of philosophy. It is the study of the positions of different planets with respect to the zodiac signs and the effect of these planets on an individual. The entire gamut of the zodiac is divided into 12 signs or rashis. In Sanskrit, a rashi means a heap or a cluster. Vedic astrology gives more importance to the moon than the sun. The moon is responsible for our emotions, intellect and material wealth. In zodiac terms rashi refers to the sign in which the Moon was placed at the time of birth of an individual. Rashis tell us more about our psychological personality.




All the signs, houses and planets in an individual's natal chart have certain powers associated with them. The strength of the planet depends on the house it occupies and the aspects it makes. Along with the power component, each planet also has a harmony component. From research it is also seen that the product of the two, correctly generates the compatibility level between two individuals. After generating results for a random number of people, average values have been calculated, based upon which the compatibility report is generated.




Kundali match making is an age old practice. It gives a clear insight about matters related to love, compatibility, nature and habits of the partners, features and level of personal communication. These days it is very difficult to get details about a person's nature and his/her habits before marriage. Thus, the proven science of astrology helps the two individuals a lot in finding more about themselves and their partners.


A Free Kundali Match reading is a rashi based compatibility calculation software based on Vedic Astrology, which attempts to provide an effective analysis of you and your partner’s inherent characteristics, as defined by a particular rashi (moon sign) and nakshatra (birth star). This is different from the sun sign calculated in western astrology. This software helps you understand your positive and negative traits, thus helping you judge your compatibility with your partner at the same time.




For the purpose of deriving the compatibility report with the help of the software, the user is initially asked to enter the natal data for both the partners. After the input of the required data, the Compatibility Report for the same is generated. Compatibility reports thus generated are highly accurate and interesting, giving an insight into one’s relationship.

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