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Astrology Predicts Your Soulmate

Article posted on June 29, 2012 and it has been read by 59530 people

Love, relations and marriage compatibility in general are very sensitive and personal issues for all human beings. A happy love life is very essential for leading a peaceful and successful life. This is for sure the most desired feeling for every one of us. But, a look at the world around us reveals that not all individuals are leading a happy and peaceful love life and not holding hands with their soul mates. However, astrologers across the world claim that astrology can do the needful in this field.




There are various branches in the study of astrology out of which love astrology is one such branch. It has been claimed that love astrology unveils the truth about one's love life. It helps an individual understand himself, his heart, his desires and his love mate. Based on the intended couple's astrology signs, one can very easily find details of their love life. As per the astrologers, love astrology can provide answers to the following questions:

Relationship Tips

1. Whether a person is unlucky in love?

2. When will a person get married?

3. Are the partners compatible

4. Are they sexually compatible?

5. When will the soul mate meet?

6. The magic mantra to make one fall in love with you.

7. How many relationships will a person have in life?



Since time immemorial it is a belief that the study of astrology is similar to the study of mathematics and other exact sciences. Basically, the concept of 'love astrology' is defined as the art of generating the results whether two people are the perfect match for each other or not. For the purpose of generating the results the astrologers need to take into account the natal charts of both the individuals especially focusing on the exact planetary positions at the time of the person's birth. However, this love analysis is not a very easy task to perform.




Horoscope match making is one of the most crucial application of the science of astrology. Astrologers have to say that the position of the planets namely - the Sun and the Moon has more effects than the other in the galaxy, when comparing the birth coordinates of the two individuals. Apart from these two planets the celestial bodies that constitute the solar system are also important along with the houses they form. But apart from the planets and the planetary positions, another major factor that needs to be considered is the Vedic ascendant of both the person.


The Vedic ascendant or the lagna plays an important role in portraying the image of an individual - his characteristic traits, his personality, his habits and many others. On comparing the ascendant of both the partners, the astrologers generally come to the conclusion that if the partners share the same ascendant then the chances of having an intimate relationship are more. Things do not end out there. The position of Moon in the lady's chart and that of the Sun in the man's chart are also taken into consideration.





Now it is upon us to believe in all these astrological derivations and explanation. But as far as love life and marriages are concerned we human beings tend to believe the astrological explanations for the purpose of living a happy and peaceful life. From this perspective, it can be concluded that there is nothing wrong in applying the astrology and the astrological methods for the purpose of searching our soul mate, as long as we do not become puppets of the mystical world.

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