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3 Unique Personality Tests

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Color Persoality TestYou must have come across many personality tests in your life that describe the kind of person you are. A personality test is a combination of questions asking a person to choose an option that would be a reflection of their personality.


The following example describes what each of us must have experienced atleast once in our lifetime.


Mike got a mail from his colleague as soon as he logged in into his office computer. It was a forward mail with some steps which claimed that his personality would be deduced after he answers all the questions. He was told to choose from among a range of colors, animals and at the end, the color/animal he chose, spoke of certain personality traits.


In the past, he had received such mails with some twenty questions and based on the answers, his character was briefed at the end of the mail. There were questions like ‘What is your favorite number?’ and so he had thought of the number four.


At the end, the mail said that it would be the number of close friends he has in his life. He was happy that the colors and animal he chose described him as intelligent and good mannered. Also his future was predicted to be awesome. That made a good start to the day at the workplace. A color personality test too works a similar way.




Though a blood type test cannot predict that whether you are masculine or feminine, a simple set of questions with perfect choices can answer questions about your sexuality. There might be men who feel feminine and women who feel and behave masculine. And there are masculine men and feminine females.


Personality TestWhen you are posed with questions such as the color you prefer, you answer pink and that shows you are feminine. You answer blue and you are masculine. Similar questions that describe sexuality, both physically and psychologically are asked to a person and based on his/her answer, their sexuality is determined. Such personality calculators and reports are available online for free.




Personality Types can also be determined by the qualities that you consider the most close to you and a test to find this is the Desert test. The Japanese animal personality test starts with a scenario in which you are stranded in a desert with a lion, horse, cow, monkey and sheep. As your water resource lowers, you have to leave animals one by one.


The one that you leave initially is the one that does not matter much. And the one that you hold till the last would be the one aspect of your personality that you do not want to ever give up. The five animals represent five different characters – Lion for pride, Monkey for your children, Sheep for friendship, Cow for basic needs and Horse for your passion. If you chose to leave animals such that you remain with sheep in the end, it means you prefer friendship more than the other qualities such as pride, children and passion.




How about taking a personality quiz or desert test to find out more about your very own personality?


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