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Palmistry And Sexual Attitude

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Palm ReadingPalmistry or palm reading can predict different aspects of one’s personality including sexual and love traits. The palms, the thumbs and the fingers reveal a lot about the individual personality, the life path and many other things.


The lines of the hand foretell a lot about our future and fortune. Palm reading has also made a distinct contribution in forecasting the romantic and sexual attitude of an individual.

Sexual attitude of an individual can be predicted from the palm reading analysis of the head line. There are two instances of predicting the same from the Line of Head.

1. Short Head Line
2. Two Head Lines

The Short Head Line

Palmistry Sex

When the Life Line is found to be joined with a short head line, then it indicates that the sexual attitude of the person ranges from one extreme to the other. In such cases, the Head Line is seen to have ended between the boundaries of the ring finger, which represents the fact that they will have a delayed marriage.

People with this kind of palm line are generally of an unromantic nature and these people pursue sex as a form of ultimate gain. The planet Saturn can have a benefic effect over the sexual approach of the natives leading to a separation between normal romance and just sexual enjoyment. These kinds of palm lines are particularly found in people who tend to be homosexual.

Two Head Lines

Palmistry LiinesWhen the first Head Line joins the Life Line and again if there is a second Head Line also joined to the Life Line a little lower down compared to the first one, it is indicative of the fact that until the mid-thirties the person will not get involved in any type of romantic relationship and will have a late marriage.

But the second Line of Head which develops around the mid-thirties represents that the person wants to free himself from the hard and fast rules of the society concerning sex and be liberal in his sexual outlook and view point.

During the mid-thirties a dramatic change in the sexual life of the person will be noticed and he may also be indulged to have an extra marital affair or a secret sexual life which will go along with his married life.

A dual natured person, whose sexual desires will be extreme, is generally the owner of two head lines. People with these kind of palm lines basically want a liberal and free sexual life.


Sexual PalmistryIt must however be noted that if the second Head Line is a bit curved, then, the person will also be involved in a love relationship along with sexual attachment. But if the line is a straight one, then there will be absolutely no emotional or romantic attachment except that of physical closeness.

Moreover, if the hands of a man are comparatively thick and the Mount of Venus is well developed, then it must be understood that the sexual demand and the urges of the person is vigorous which must be met by his partner.

Sexuality differs from person to person and can thus be predicted from a palm reading analysis.





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