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3 Jyotish Astrology Charts

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Kota Chakra Jyotish AstrologyVedic astrology calculations include some important charts like Sudarshan Chakra and Kota (Durga) Chakra that can predict the misfortunes and ill health in a person’s life based on the planetary positions in one’s birth chart. Read this article to know more about these important astrology charts.


Vedic Chalit or Bhava chart can be used to predict the overall life of a person, but to know in detail about negative happenings, one needs to consult the Kota chakra or Durga Chakra. Kota chakra can be used to predict misfortunes in a person’s life such as illness, accidents, imprisonment or even death. It consists of three squares, with the innermost called the Stambha (pillar). There are planets entering and exiting the Stambha through four exits, in four corners of the square.


When planets beneficial to the person reside inside or enter the Stambha and outnumbers or balances the malefic planets, then the person is believed to face a good future. But if the planets negative to person enters the Stambha or the inner square and if beneficial planets exit or is less numbered, then the person is bound to face negative events in his life.


This alone does not confirm the negative happenings, because, one has to take in account the Dasha or planetary periods the person is going through. So let us look at what Dasha is.

Vedic Astrology Sudarshan Chakra ChartVimshottari Dasha or Dasa is the Sanskrit term for planetary period. As a person ages, he goes through several Dashas, with the first dasha being determined by the position of Moon at the time of birth. The length of Dasha varies for each planet.So, if a person has good Dasha even when bad planets are in the Stambha of a Kota chakra, he would escape with minor negative things. But the combination of bad Dasha and negative planets in Stambha is fatal to the person.


Sudarshan chakra chart was designed by the ancient Indian sage Parasara. This chakra has three concentric circles, with the outer one corresponding to Sun, middle to moon and inner one to Lagna. The person should map the planet positions of the birth chart to the three circles. For example, first division under the inner circle in Sudarshana chakra chart corresponds to the first division from the Lagna in the Bhava chart. Sudarshana chakra chart is a great tool to predict daily, monthly and annual fortune from your Janam Kundali.






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