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Death And Planetary Influences

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Planets Of DeathPlanets play an integral role in the death and dying of mankind. All the planets have their own planetary influence that controls the death process of human beings. You cannot just consider a single planet or its position or configuration to know about the death process. It is the culmination of all the planets that must be considered. This article gives an overview of the effects of the different planets on ill health and death of human beings.



When a person is in the process of dying, Venus is the planet that will always be around him. Venus is often considered to be the 'guardian angel' by the astrologers and it is the planet that is heavily involved with the death of a person. It is the only planet after Sun that promises the least suffering.




Even if you suffer that won't linger for a long period of time. Venus is one of the most graceful planets as far as death is concerned. Venus death is a painless, quick and quiet death. Many a time under the strong influence of Venus a person dies naturally in his sleep.



Jupiter death is known as the death resulted from drugs or death caused by flesh eating bacteria, or by the prescription of OTC drugs. Accidents caused due to drowning or any kind of water related death is very prominent under the influence of Jupiter. 'Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases' like bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and emphysema come under the purview of Jupiter as well.


Anything that has to do with water within or outside the human body is ruled over by Jupiter. It can be death due to flood, or the presence of excess fluid in the lungs, or as a result of the blood in the pericardial sac surrounding the heart and preventing your heart to beat.




Jupiter death is always surrounded by a mystery. It may happen that in some cases, you do not come to know the actual cause of a person's death! Natives under the influence of Jupiter generally die in their sleep. Death as a result of suffocation is also possible. But the conjunction of Jupiter and Sun leads to a quiet and peaceful death.


Astrology Death ForecastPoseidon

Like the Admetos and the Hades, Poseidon is also a Uranian planet.  This planet is very much associated with a person's death aspect. With the Poseidon involved in one's death, it means the closing of one door and the opening of another.


Poseidon is considered to be the God of the Seas and Oceans. Natives under the strong planetary influence of the Poseidon attain a personal truth. Poseidon death is known to be a slow and gradual death.



Sun is very intimately connected to human death. The two most noted planetary death 'triggers' are Sun and Mars. Many a times, the Sun may not be prominent during a person's death. But if the Sun is prominent during a person's death then it means that the person has truly fulfilled all his inner desires and it is a natural time for him to pass away.


Sun deaths are of extreme types; it is either a slow process or a fast process. With the Sun involved during a native's death, the person attains a deep soul connection before his death. Sun death is a natural and a peaceful death.


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