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Fortune Telling With Runes Reading

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READING RUNESRunes have always had a prophetic meaning to all those who interpret them just like magic. The alphabet of runes is widely used in all of Northern Europe and is said to be an old Germanic literary language.


Making prophecies or predicting misfortunes have always been associated as an important role of runes. Rune masters have long since been using runes to cast spells or practice sorcery on someone they like or to those they are angry with. A rune is also used as a cure for those who are ill, protecting the holy rituals of the ancestors and even to resurrect those who have come to pass.


The 24 alphabet of runes had their own names ever since it was discovered. Gods like Odin is said to send omens to the people and in return, the people use runes to interpret them. All legends that have been told by the rune masters is said to be connected to Odin.




Runes Symbols

Like there are numerous and different ways of tarot reading, similarly in runes too there are different methods of casting and reading as in any form of fortune telling.


The casting method of runes does not necessarily need to come up with an elaborate and huge ritual like casting a circle, calling up deities and calling quarters among others each time you have to read runes. A routine should be developed like starting and conducting a reading and then sticking to what you have read.


Using the old Scandinavian names, these are the interpretations of runes divination:

  • Runes – harmony and fertility prediction
    Luck and all good things in life including all material goods.
  • úr – power and energy
    Enormous energy and power as well as associated with sexual passion.
  • Thurs – strength and good news
    Pause and think before taking an action. A moment of neutrality.
  • áss – Odin and wisdom
    Better communication with others and being on guard against those who would like to take advantage.

  • Reið – wheel and travels
    Traveling either for fun or for spiritual causes.
  • Kaun - creative fire and light
    Looking at a situation with a clear and bright understanding.
  • Gebo – gifts and generosity
    Giving pleasures and life as well as giving gifts for simple joy.
  • Wunjo – happiness and joy
    The sign for happiness as well as strength to be able to do things you want.
  • Nauð – need and necessity
    Having the patience to judge before taking appropriate actions.
  • Iss – ice and cold
    Obstacles may arise that can be frustrating but with a lot of patience, the troubles can be solved.
  • Jara – year and natural cycle
    Time for harvest.
  • Pertho – hearth and mysticism
    Something mystical but also refers to home and health.
  • Elgr – defense and protection
    An exciting challenge may arise but control must be mustered to become strong and successful.
  • runesSol - the sun and good health
    Being prosperous and lucky.
  • Tyr - war and  courage
    Symbol for devotion and courage to act.
  • Bjarkan – birth and new beginning
    Recovery or restoration.
  • Ehwass – horse and changes
    Changes may arise and traveling is inevitable.
  • Maðr – intelligence and culture
    Greatly influenced by surrounding runes.
  • logr – water and  the unconscious
    Having free reigns on our emotions.
  • Fortune Telling RunesIngwaz – fertility and completion
    Completing something you are working on.
  • Oðal – family property
    The beginning and end of something.
  • Dagaz – day and  rousing
    Represents the spiritual aspect of a being.
  • Odins rune – fate
    Associated with both the beginning and the end.




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