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How Much Should I Weigh?

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How much should I weigh? Now, this is a very common weight loss question that goes on in everyone’s mind at some point of time. Online health and calories calculators can help you maintain the ideal weight. Find out in seconds how much you should weigh so that you have that perfect figure.





You are running to catch the train and then you pant hard such that you stop. And your usual train goes away before your eyes as you sit in the chairs. Your beer belly goes up and down as you breathe deeper. Then you notice the advertisement in the railway station about a weight loss program. You walk to the address mentioned in the ad that evening. And as you sit down, the weight loss expert tells you not to. She measures your weight, height and then takes you for a walk in the nearby garden.

Diet For Weight Loss


You: “Hey, will we be walking like this? Why don’t we sit somewhere and talk?”

She: “Sorry sir. This is how we arrange consultation for people who approach us. We have a policy that we take our patients for a walk on the road or anywhere around and read their movements. Also, we take note of their BMI and their calorie intake. Then we start suggesting the way they can work on weight loss.”

You: “Ok. Before suggesting to me, please enlighten me on what is this BMI and calories.”


Weight LossShe: “BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Initially started as a tool for statisticians, it was later adopted by weight loss experts for gauging their patients. To get your BMI, you have to take your weight in kilograms and then divide it by the square of your height in meters.  For example, your weight is 90 kilograms and your height is 1.7 metres, then your Body Mass Index is 31. Also, they have categorized people as underweight to overweight based on their BMI. If you get a BMI less than 18, then you are underweight. Between 18 to 25, you are normal and above 25, you are overweight. Above 30, you are obese. That is you are Obese.”


You: “Uh oh. So I do fall under 60% of the American population”

She: “Unfortunately Yes. So your BMI is not direct measure of your fat, because muscles and bones do sum up to your weight. Your weight reduction concentrates on fat reduction. And you can reduce fat in two ways, by rigorous exercise or by controlled intake. Both involve calories in one or other way.


Healthy Fruit DietCalorie is the unit of calculation for the energy that you obtain from breaking down of foods that you eat. When you run for a mile, this energy from within your body is used up for the activity of running. This is known as burning your calories. When you have a physical workout, your muscles  get worked up and this causes the fat surrounding your muscles to dissolve. This results in sweating and an extra need for more oxygen. You lose weight when you burn these calories. The right balance of intake of calories is the key to fitness.”


You: “OK.”

She: “If you have the right diet, then you can easily burn the calories. This can be achieved without exercise. If you exercise more than you eat, then you reduce weight. If you workout less than what you intake, you gain weight. So the secret lies in eating according to the amount of calories you spend exercising or vice versa.


Choose foods that contain high fiber content. Protein rich foods can help build your muscles, while carbohydrates can give you stamina. Take fat items in small quantities, but never avoid it totally. Mixing all these nutrients makes a balanced diet and balanced diet is essential for healthy living.”


Body Mass IndexYou: “So, I have to sacrifice my daily burger and beer”

She: “Yes. We should take your body frame into consideration before briefing you on your exercise and diet regime.


People might have high BMI and more weight, even if their body frame looks normal. This might be due to more muscles and stronger bones. Your body frame size can be determined by your height in relation to your wrist’s circumference. Your height is 5 feet and 6 inches. So, you wrist circumference, as per our calculation, is 7 inches. So you have a medium body frame. “


You: “Ok. What do I need to do? Hit the gym and lift weights.

She: “Sorry sir. There is a lot of difference between gym and fitness. When you want to be fit, you need not lift weights. When you want to be muscular, then you need to lift weights. Being muscular does not mean you are fit and if you are fit, it doesn’t mean you need to have those ripped arms. Fitness is related to normal functioning of your body. Gym enables you to gain muscles and attain shape, while a fitness centre helps you to be fit. What you need to do is follow the fitness formula we will provide you. You can also learn yoga and practice it.”


yogaYou: “What? Yoga?”

She: “Yes. Yogasana was form of exercise practiced by ancient Indian sages. They had created different forms of Yoga. Most of the Yoga exercises involve co-ordination of almost all muscles of the body. You activate all the energy chakras of a body by performing an assortment of Yogasanas. By practicing Yoga regularly over a period of time gives you total mental and physical stimulation. You can practice Yogasanas along with your daily fitness regime. “


By now, you have reached back to their office and she gives you a file report that has the diet and exercise plans that are suitable for you. You will surely lose your weight and be fit if you follow it.


Try the different weight loss tests and know the ideal amount of calories you need daily to maintain that perfect figure.







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