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Top 10 Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

Article posted on July 3, 2012 and it has been read by 11862 people

Yogasana'Yoga' in Sanskrit means 'to unite'. Now days it is being said that "yoga is the new mantra for fitness and health." It is an age old practice of meditation and helps in keeping the mind calm and peaceful. These days everybody is becoming health conscious. The concern of staying fit and healthy is fast spreading like wild fire among the older age group people of all age groups. They are on the look out of remaining healthy, being active and self independent. Yoga is possibly the best option for them.


All human beings undergo certain emotional waves like chronic anxiety, stress, depression, ill-health and anger. Yoga can well transform these emotional traits into peacefulness thus enabling an individual to enjoy good and vibrant health and a feeling of love towards one and all. The techniques of yoga need to be followed meticulously in order to achieve good health, stay fit and reach your goals.






There are three main aspects of Yoga. They are:


1. Poses or Asana - There are a number of yogic poses or 'asanas' that imparts flexibility to the body, reduces excess fat, strengthen the muscles and even gives a natural glow to the human body. More importantly there are also many asanas which helps in improving the entire blood circulation and functioning of certain specific organs within our body. But it must however be remembered that asanas or yogic poses need to be chosen and worked out after keeping in mind the specific needs of the body. It can be done by consulting a professional for better results.




2. Pranayama or Deep Breathing - One of the most important aspects of practicing yoga is Pranayama or deep breathing. This is the only way of strengthening the delicate body parts, enhancing blood circulation and also purifying the entire body energy. Apart from these, it is also an effective tool to attain mental peace and thus harmonize both the body and soul. Pranayama includes deep inhalation, holding back the breath within and then exhalation. If the proper technique is not followed, then it may not draw any effective result.


3. Meditation - A unique method to calm down the mind's restlessness, meditation, since the ancient Vedic ages, is believed to be an effective tool to waive off all sorts of anxiety, stress and restlessness. If practiced under stressful situation, meditation just works wonders. Meditation helps in controlling over reaction and sudden emotional outbursts. Both the practices of mediation and Pranayama, rejuvenates our body - physically as well as mentally.


Benefits of Yoga:

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1. Helps in reversing the aging process.

2. Provides excellent balance and strength.

3. Strengthens the leg muscles.

4. Strengthens the bones and prevents them from fractures.

5. Increases the activeness and range of motion.

6. Body becomes more flexible.

7. Resistant power of the body increases.

8. Helps in the recovery of a number of chronic diseases.

9. Maintains and stabilizes blood sugar.

10. Blood circulation increases.

11. Increases the body's metabolic rate.

12. Conditions of bad hip, back and spine problems show miraculous improvement.


"You are never too old to do Yoga."


Yoga and its practices do not know any age. But it is important that one should always consult the house physician or a yoga specialist before starting. However, Pranayama or the Deep Breathing is the most recommended and safest form, which anybody can start off with.


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