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Birthstones For The Months – July To December

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This article is a continuation of the discussion on birthstones for the 12 months in a year. Read on to know more about the birthstones for the months from July to December.


July: Ruby

The term 'Ruby' has been derived from the Latin word 'ruber' which means red. It is considered to be a precious gemstone. During the medieval periods the gem was used to waive off all evils and bring health and prosperity to the life of individuals. The color of Ruby is generally red.




As the birthstone for the month of July, Ruby is basically found in the India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kenya, Thailand and Cambodia. When used with gold, Ruby showers a beneficial effect on a native’s adverse thinking, loss of parental property, unnecessary expenditure and cruelty, general nature of men/women.


August: Peridot

One of the oldest gems, Peridot is also known as the 'evening pearl'. It is the most accepted birthstone for the month of August. During the medieval period, this gem pierced and strung with the hair of ass, was worn in the left hand for the purpose of warding off all evils.


The color of this gem is green and at times it also bears a brownish tinge. The gem needs to be protected from all sorts of scratches, sharp blows and extreme temperatures. Peridot is available in the States, Burma and also in parts of Egypt.


September: Sapphire

The word 'Sapphire' has been derived from the Latin word 'sapphirus' which means blue. Sapphire is considered to be the most acceptable birthstone for the month of September. The stone with the blue cosmic rays is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


Previously, the gem was used to cure rheumatism, epilepsy, physical distortion, insomnia, sufferings, death, quarrels with relatives and enmity, Sapphire can be used for better results. In India, Sri Lanka, Australia and East Africa, Sapphire is found in abundant quantity.


October: Opal

The birthstone for the month of October - the Opal comes in many different colors. This is the gem signifying innocence, purity and hope. It imparts a beneficial effect on the eyesight of a person and also helps in warding off evil spirits. The gem is soft and very sensitive to heat.


In case of paralysis, nervous disorders, mental maladies, weakness, kidney, abdominal troubles this gem is very helpful. Utilization of opal changes the sudden improvement or deterioration in one’s life. It gives name, reputation, wealth, longevity and stamina. It is found in abundance in Mexico, Australia and the U.S.





November: Topaz

The word 'Topaz' has been derived from the Greek word 'to shine' which also means 'fire'. The accepted birthstone for the month of November, Topaz comes in various colors, the most common color being blue. Topaz basically signifies royalty and clergy.


During the ancient ages, the gem was used to increase wisdom, prevent mental disorders and also to strengthen mind. Being one of the most rarely found gems, Topaz is quite expensive. It is normally found in Sri Lanka and Brazil.


December: Zircon

'Zircon' - the name has been derived from the Arabic word 'zar' meaning 'gold' and 'gun' which means 'color'. Zircon comes in a wide variety of colors and also possesses clarity and brilliance.


During the 11th century, this gem was considered very lucky for travelers as it used to protect them from all kinds of diseases and illness, injury and insomnia while traveling. The gem was known to possess magical powers to fight off evil spirits. These days Zircon is found in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and also in Thailand.


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