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Use Your Psychic Abilities To Cure Depression

Article posted on July 5, 2012 and it has been read by 7852 people

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience -- are all forms of ESP or Psychic Ability to see, hear, and feel an object, circumstance or an event by paranormal means. Hundreds of unexplained events take place all around us everyday and in most cases meaningful explanation about the event comes from an unlikely source ... Psychic Reading.


Psychic PowerDid you ever stop to think whether there is any relationship between your psychic abilities and your health? Stress, strains, tensions and depression, all are part of our daily lives. But the question is can psychic powers and abilities help us cure depression?


A concrete and a definite relationship exists between depression and the spiritual growth or paranormal powers. It is our utmost depression and frustrations that make us think about some of the deep rooted questions related to the underlying meaning and the purpose of our life. And ultimately it is because of our emotional suffering that forces us to reach a spiritual understanding that connects us with our spiritual source.




Questions related to the meaning and purpose of life helps us unveil some of your hidden and suppressed issues, guilt and energies. It is our repressed anger, guilt and fear of life that leads to depression and strengthening those energies levels can help us heal depression.


Psychic developments alone give birth to depression for a number of reasons. Psychics are highly sensitive people and they possess the capability of ‘picking up’ the feelings of others without even realizing it. As because they remain psychically open, their energy levels may also be drained out because of other people or astral influences, and all these leads to depression. Like depression, anxiety is also a common problem that can affect people with intuitive powers.



Considering all of the above discussions, further development of psychic abilities is possibly the only cure for depression. It is so because with the further development of psychic abilities you gain wisdom and experience.


Psychics naturally gain more awareness of all that is affecting them on a subtle level. They also learn how to channel spiritual guidance and healing, how to control their own psychic boundaries, and how to set their own vibration tone.


When they learn about the law of attraction, they realize that they create their own realities, which frees them of the hopelessness and despair that drives depression. By accepting that we have created our own discomfort and disease, we reclaim our personal power to create new well-being instead.




To shed some light on the natural healing methods for depression, there are innumerable ways of doing so. By practicing the following few things you can explore your own vibrations and raise you psychic powers thus facilitating the healing of your body, mind and soul:


1. Meditate regularly.

2. Eat light and healthy vegetarian food.

3. Practice Yoga.

4. Practice hypnotherapy.

5. Prayer and regular practicing of psychic skills strengthens your personal aura, thus enhancing your energy level.

6. Cleanse your aura of the astral influences.


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