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Capricorn – The Goat - Zodiac Personality

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The pure Capricorn has many earthy qualities. But along with those qualities, very rarely does a Capricorn behave in a rude and undisciplined manner. Such a behavior on the part of the Goat astonishes his/her friends and associates. Capricorns are generally predictable and intuitive by nature. They are extrovert and outgoing and want to enjoy life to the fullest. But the only difference in these people are - they prefer to keep their ambitions hidden within themselves rather than expressing it.


Sexuality and Emotion:

Power, sexuality and wealth are the three most important aspect of a pure Capricorn. Generally the archetypal Capricorn marries primarily for money, status, prestige and finally for the sake of love. However, this does not mean that the Capricorn does not have any affection for his/her partner. But it is true that it is very difficult for a true Capricorn to genuinely love someone from the core of his/her heart.




Capricorns are generally very much aware of the luxuries and sophistication that life has to give. The men usually love to be in a commanding position and demand loads of respect and love from their partner.


General Character:

If upon arriving at a party, you come across somebody being surrounded by a flock of faithful and admiring listeners, then be sure to know that he/she is the Capricorn. However, Capricorn themselves are not at all good listeners. He/she is the good speaker who likes to command over any type of situation.


When not given the chance to speak, the Capricorn male/female is most likely to be found quiet and carefully observing whatever is going on around. Generally, the Capricorns are slow but progress steadily and eventually reach their goals.


Life Style:

Security is of great importance to the pure Capricorns. Their life style is very methodical and they are apt to give full expression to their feelings, needs and desires. They are logical and analytical human beings. For the pure Capricorn home life is of utmost importance. The home does not have to be beautiful, nor have to be in a beautiful surrounding. But it must however be a comfortable place to live in. Moreover, Capricorns can be extremely rigid, traditional and pessimistic in their view point.


Career / Profession:

Any career or profession which imparts a sense of security along with steady growth and prospects suits the Capricorn. Capricorns are generally known as the workaholics of the zodiac. In the work place Capricorns are very much practical minded and bear a conservative outlook.




Working hard and being energetic does not repel the Capricorns as long as their career prospects are concerned. They are generally comfortable being the leaders or managers of any organization. They always crave for perfection in their work and are highly organized and cool headed. Last but not the least, working environment does affect the Capricorns a lot. A comfortable, professional working place along with trusted, loyal and faithful co-workers and colleagues make them all the more efficient.


Best Career Options:

1. Account Manager

2. Administrator

3. Coach

4. CEO

5. Mentor

6. Mayor

7. Economist


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