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I Ching Oracle - The Chinese Method Of Fortune Telling

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I Ching Chinese Oracle

Not all books can answer all the questions that pops in our mind and very few and limited books have been known to predict one’s future or gives choices on what would be the right thing to do.


Over the years, as tradition and culture progress, so does the tradition of the Chinese to consult their book in Confucianism called the I Ching. The things and answers that we seek out today may be different from the simple questions that we may have been searching before.


Problems may rise and questions about your life may pile up in a stack but all you can ever do is go in circles and continue to seek out the best possible solution to these dilemmas. You can think without stopping and gather resources but these things cannot truly give you the satisfaction since you have answered them without understanding them fully.




Yin YangHow can one be confident in choosing the right decision on what action to take to solve these unanswered questions that keeps bugging your life that stops and hinders the true sight of yourself?


One of the oldest Chinese classics, the I Ching or the Book of Changes that contains attempts on reading and acquiring knowledge about some questions. The I Ching is a book that is popularly used asa religous form of divination in Confucianism that aids in the spiritual advocacy of the sect. The I Ching is popularly known to have provided answers up to the very small details to all of those who study and try to decipher it.


By throwing three coins, or counting through the forty-nine yarrow stalks to make a hexagram, where each line may represent Yin which is the submissive or feminine force or either the Yang that represents the dynamic or masculine force. What is unique about this hexagram is that each hexagram line that is formed offers a different prediction or reading from the other lines. The I Ching is then consulted after the hexagram is formed and would give a passage or interpretation on what the lines mean.Chinese Zodiac Dragon


The I Ching is now spreading like a wildfire in the continental US as many have proven the effectiveness of its readings and of predicting of what may come.


The Chinese have been known to refer to the I Ching to help them discover and answer the meaning of the things that they have and have been experiencing, to bring harmony to the actions that they have taken and to what is the purpose of such action and above all others, they use the book to build a foundation of their self-confidence of facing the outcomes of the choices that they have made.


Understanding more about what you are can help you gain back the power and your ability to change your life is the ultimate knowledge that the I Ching has given. As you tackle your weaknesses in the present, predicting the future can make your life easy.

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