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Kinds Of Dreams - Physical, Subjective Or Spiritual?

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Our mind and our body act together in tandem. When we are in a waking state, our mind is alert and conscious of the surroundings; this is known as the unprejudiced part of our thinking process. When we are sleeping, the subjective part of our mind is awake and is responsible for several emotions. The true intelligence of human beings is interrupted, only when our will power is not active or remains unaffected.


Dream Analysis

It has been proved that women dream more frequently and much more in detail as compare to men, because their dreams are much less influenced by their surroundings. A nightmare shows that the dreamer's health and diet may need some attention and that relaxation from stress is needed. Sleeping in a a well ventilated room in the right sleeping position can help. Human dreams are of three kinds:- physical, spiritual and subjective. These dreams relate to past, present and future and they may also depict visions related to similar experiences in your past or present life.


DreamsThe Subjective Dream is composed of some of feeling of foreseeing or divination, though the real meaning of the dream is hidden in dream symbols. These kinds of dreams are experienced based on the past life of an individual and its effects on the current life. This depends a lot on what the dreamer is thinking of and thus can depict images of bad or good fortune.


Physical Dreams are not very important. Such dreams are influenced by your experiences in the waking state and thus may not have any prophetic significance. Even then since the past and the present together shape a dream or prophesize about the future, you shouldn't ignore the thoughts that come to your mind when you are awake.


Learn Dream Analysis

Finally, the Spiritual Dreams occur when your deeper consciousness connects with the soul and then finds the relation between your dreams and forthcoming happenings in the real world.


How To Develop The Power Of Dreams?

Always go to bed in a relaxed condition. This is possible once your mind is clear and free from all sorts of material rubbish. A person should relax his mind, soul and body and attain a state of peace that is needed for dreams which predict the future or give certain to clues with respect to your current life.




Dream Journal

A person's will power is in a state of suspension during the period of sleep, and thus there are chances of getting true clues to your future in your dreams than when you are awake. Thus, it is seen that when we see different things in our dream vision, they are not real and are mostly distorted beyond what it is in reality thus scaring us and awakening our imagination. This results in certain disturbing dreams which are totally distorted when you come to think subjectively, thus showing that what you dream may be an exact opposite of the waking reality. But one always feels that he or she is awake throughout such dreams.


When Dreams Are Less Prophetic

Dreams are said to be symbols that are prejudiced based on your current material thoughts and your sense of right and wrong. Subjectivity is also known to be the spiritual part of human beings. Thoughts first come in our physical minds and then get distorted in our dreams. Most frequently, our soul gets filled with materialistic or mundane thoughts, that the spiritual images are lost.Thoughts, visions and ideas which are generated from material things in life are responsible for these kinds of dreams.




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