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Angels And Demons

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Guardian angels and angel numbers are your spirit guides in this world. Find out who your guardian angels are and what messages they have for you.

Hollywood movies have always used Angels as a pivotal character. Be it in a baseball movie where angels help a failing team or a movie where angels fight for a pregnant woman. Also, you must have seen Keanu Reeves fighting the Angel in the movie Constantine. Apart from movies, you must have come across ‘angels’ in a lot of places. You would have heard your aunt calling her daughter an angel, but she is not an angel literally though.

Guardian Angel

Angels are mythological and supernatural beings, who are considered to act as messengers between God and human beings. Sometimes, angels do heal people and help them to come out of distress. Mostly angels are depicted to be having wings and have a halo above their head. Few angels are drawn in paintings with white bright light around them. Angels were associated mostly with Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Angel Spirit GuideThere are archangels, who occupy highest position among the angels and are considered to be closest to Gods. They are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Samael, Sandalphon, Camael, Satan and Metatron. Did you see the work of Satan? Yes, Satan was an angel who went against God and challenged that he would deviate men from reaching God.

There are also beliefs of demons existing in the world who work against angels and try to bring miseries to the people in this world. This concept of demons might have been borrowed from the Zoroastrianism religion into the Western world.

The equivalent of Angels in Hindu mythology is Deva. Devas are considered to take care of the earth and continuity of species in the world. On the other hand, Asuras, the equivalent of Demons, are considered to disrupt the worldly activities and to destroy the species continuity. There are stories of long battles between Devas and Asuras over who owns the three worlds.

Gods always supported the Devas and tried to crush the Asuras who tortured innocent people. There are times when Gods test the truthfulness of Devas in their duty. Hindu people have believed that Devas lived in the heavenly clouds and Asuras lived below the earth.

In recent survey conducted in Canada, around 67 percent of people believed in the existence of Angels, out of 1000 people. Also people in UK and US believed in angels and their existence. In Western societies, people have a belief that Guardian angels remain with them all through their life and guide them with their decisions.

Angel NumbersThere were reports of people telling that their Guardian angels had guided them by helping them with encouragements. There were also people who had claimed that angels came as a form of bright light and cured terminally ill patients.

With this concept of Guardian angels surrounding you in all places, these angels might communicate to you in certain psychic channels. If you see these numbers in book or in digital clock or in your flight number, then it is time you need to prepare yourself for some message that is conveyed by your angel.

For example, you turn open a book and you land in page number 222, then you need to have faith and the situation will resolve itself. If you happen to get more than a three digit number, then split the first three and the rest and try to predict your future.

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