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5 Exceptional Chinese Fortune Tellers

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Chine Yin YangChinese fortune telling is an unique form of divination that includes Fortune Cookies, Gong Hee Fot Choy and Mahjong cards, Kau Cim sticks and Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Star predictions. Get your free predictions for 2017!

Chinese astrology is one of the most ancient types of zodiac signs. Like their evolved astrology, their fortune telling is also totally different and true. You can see a lot of people rushing to fortune tellers before the Chinese New Year and also before auspicious events. Chinese fortune tellers employ many methods for future predictions. Let us look at a few of them:


Mahjong is a card game developed and played in China. Though it is primarily a game, these cards are used for fortune telling. When a person asks you for his fortune to be read using Mahjong, all you need is to pick up 13 Mahjong card tiles and place it upside down on table.




Chinese MahjongArrange the cards such that 3 cards are on your side, 3 on his side, 1 card on the center and 3 cards each on either side of it. Mostly, Diviner (that is you) would occupy West direction and Querent (who approaches you for fortune to be read) should sit opposite you in East. Now the card in the Center refers to the question the Querent has asked at this moment.

Three cards in the East direction refers to the current situation, three in the West is about the difficulties that the Querent might face, three in the North points to the distant future and three in the South point to near future. Based on the card you pick up and turn in one of these directions, your fortune for that time period can be determined.

For example, if you pick up the central card and if it is summer card (Qiao), then whatever activity you are doing currently will be successful. If you pick up Orchid in the Eastern set, then you need to aim for refinement in the present task. If you pick up Green Dragon in the Western set, then you need to overcome delay without hesitation.

If you get 5 circles when you turn the card in the Northern End, then in the distant future, you would get good fortune in an unexpected way. When you take the card in the Southern end and turn it to see 3 Bamboo sign, then you might be sick in the near future.

Kau Cim:

Chien Tung bamboo sticksPopularly called in the Western world as Chi Chi Chinese Fortune telling sticks, Kau Cim or Chien Tung fortune teller is used by thousands of Chinese in presence of a fortune teller. Kau Cim consists of a bamboo bowl, 100 bamboo sticks and an interpreter/book. The person who requires his or her fortune to be told can visit a Chinese fortune teller.


The psychic fortune teller concentrates holding a bamboo cup in her hand and meditates on the question. Shake the cup such that only one stick falls down. If multiple sticks fall down, then the process has to be repeated until one stick falls down. Each of these sticks has Chinese markings on it which have different interpretations. Each marking on the each stick has an old Chinese story or rhyme associated with it. Based on the question, the answer can be read from the interpreter. This Kau Cim is also called as Chien Tung.



Chinese Horoscope


Fate PredictionsZi Wei Dou Shu:

Zi Wei Dou Shu is the plotting of the birth chart which involves the purple stars and birth time of person. Chinese developed a similar concept of House called Palaces (Dong). There are altogether thirteen palaces in this type of astrology. Zi Wei Dou shu is also popularly called as Purple Star astrology. Purple star astrology does not deal with the creation of Birth chart alone, but with forecasting the future of person accurately. When a person provides the fortune teller with his birthday and time, then the fortune teller plots the chart with the star location in palaces. Based on the position of stars in the palaces, the birth, luck, romance, relationships, parents and even time of death can be predicted.



Gong Hee Fot Choy:

This system of Chinese fortune telling was developed by Margaret Ward, a twentieth century mystic. She had taken inspiration from all cultures with foundations of the method drawn on Chinese fortune telling. The classic version of this fortune teller has 36 cards totally. The term Gong Hee Fot Choy translates to Greetings of Riches. This system was developed upon the basic playing cards, where only 7’s to Ace were used while Jokers through 2’s to 6’s cards were discarded. Totally, there are thirty two cards and a board which shows thirty two houses. Based on which card is placed into which house, your fortune can be predicted.



The above forms of Chinese fortune tellers are very popular even today. Chinese divination forecasts are very accurate in predictions of fortune and future.

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