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Marriage, Affair Or Flings – Palmistry Predictions

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Marriage LinesPalmistry can predict your love life and marriage accurately. The lines which are seen on the left side of the hands across the front of the Mount of Mercury are generally known as the marriage lines. Marriage lines are also known as the 'Lines of Union' or Lines of Affection' in palm reading and are found to be situated between the base of the little finger and the heart line. This is the main line running across the top of the palm.


These days many palmists and hand analysts tend to ignore these lines as they feel that these lines lack accuracy. But traditionally, these small fine lines often reveal very accurately the relationship which will leave an impression on the life of an individual. At the time of observing a palm, no experienced palmist will make a statement just by glancing into a single line. They always look for innumerable signs all over the palm, thus gaining an insight into the individual's life and his/her personality.




Love PalmistryOnly the long lines relate to marriages and the short ones reveal the affairs and deep affections in one's life. From the position of the marriage-line on the Mount of Mercury a very fair idea of the age and the time of marriage can be obtained. When the line is found to be lying closed to the heart line, it means that the individual is susceptible to an early marriage.


When it is in the center of the mount then union will be in the mid-twenties; the line placed three-quarters above the mount it will take place within late twenty and mid thirty and so on. A wealthy and happy marriage will be shown by a strong and well marked line from the side of the line of fate next to Luna. The line of marriage on the Mount of Mercury should however be straight, without any kind of breaks, crosses or irregularities.




Relationship compatibilityThe following things should be noted for the purpose of predicting marriage from the lines and signs of the palm.

1. When it curves or drops downward toward the heart line, it foretells that the person with whom the subject will get married is liable to die first.

2. When the line curves upward, the possessor is not likely to marry at any time.

3. When the line is distinct, but with fine hair lines dropping from it toward the heart line, it foretells trouble brought about by illness and bad health of the person the subject marries.

4. When the line droops with a small cross over the curve, the person the subject is married to may die by accidents or sudden death may also occur.

5. When the line has an island in the center or on any portion of the line, it indicates that there will be some great trouble in married life leading to separation.

6. When the line is full of islands or drooping lines, the subjects should be warned not to marry as it is a sign of great unhappiness.

7. When the line breaks in two, it denotes sudden break-off in married life.

8. When a fine line runs almost parallel with the marriage line thus touching it, it foretells an extra-marital affair.




For the purpose of coming to a conclusion in predicting marriage and relationship very common question is asked that which hand should be looked into. The answer is - both. Our right hand is the active hand and the left hand is the passive one. The lines of the palm keep changing. Thus, it is necessary to come to an exact conclusion only after comparing the line of both the hands.


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