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Online Astrology Guide For Auspicious Travel

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It seems that since ancient times people have studied in detail the subject of astrology related to traveling. Careful study on the subject of travel for various purposes has been framed under sound astrological rules for the guidance of humanity. This article gives an overview of the essential astrological principles governing travel.


Travel Astrology


The best lunar days are the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 11th and the 13th. The 14th lunar day, the Full and the New Moon day needs to be avoided at any cost. These days are very much inauspicious for journeys and travel. If a journey is undertaken in the following constellations i.e. the Mrigasara, Aswini, Pushya, Punarvasu, Hasta, Anuradha, Sravana, Moola, Dhanistha and the Revati, then  the person is supposed to return back early after satisfactorily completing his/her work. However, the first quarter of these constellations need to be avoided. The best quarters are the 2nd, 3rd and the last quarter.


Avoid traveling towards the East on Saturdays and Mondays; towards the West on Sunday and Friday; towards the North on Wednesdays and the Tuesdays and finally towards the South on Thursdays.




While undertaking a journey, the following general combinations are of utmost importance:


1. The Moon is strong and dignified at the time of starting.

2. Avoid days on which the Sun enters a new zodiac sign every month.

3. The Moon should be on the 3rd, 6th, 9th or the 12th house and the Jupiter is in the 'Kendra'.

4. The journey will be peaceful and easy if the Moon is in the 7th house and the Venus and Mercury in the 4 th house.

5. Start when the Moon is in Lagna.

6. Mercury in the 4 th house and Jupiter in the 2nd or the 7th will neutralize all adverse influences.


Short Journeys:

Both the Lagna and the Moon needs to be strong. If not so, then traveling needs to be started in the Hora of the strongest planet.




Air Journeys:

It is good to have the Lagna in the aerial sign. Tarabala needs to be noted. Journey should not be undertaken if the Mars is in the 7th and the 8th house or in Lagna.


Sea Voyage:

Special attention needs to be paid to the watery signs. It is best to have the Cancer in the Lagna occupied by a planet of watery sign. As in the case of Air Journeys, the same thing is applicable - avoid Mars is in the 7th and the 8th house or in Lagna.



It is best to have the Jupiter in the Lagna or the 9th house.


Business Journeys:

While undertaking business journeys it is best to avoid the malefics in Lagna and the 9th house. The planet of business and trade is Mercury. So it is best to have the Mercury in Lagna, the 10th or the 11th house. But it should be noted that Mercury does not fall under the malefic effects of Saturn. Success, fame and prosperity follow the Moon after Mercury. As such the Moon needs to be in a favorable position. Moon in the 8th or the 12th house will make the person ill on his way.


Long Journeys:Vacation Tips


The Moon needs to be in a favorable position so that there comes no delay or hindrance in the journey. Mars need not be in the 8th house. If the journey is by car or train, then avoid the affliction with Lagna. Affliction between Lagna and the Mars means there will be dangers and accidents and that between Lagna and the Rahu means disappointments and disease.




These are the some of the ancient rules and prohibitions related to astrology and traveling and journeys. Therefore it is best to choose a day beforehand and plan accordingly keeping in mind the above discussed constellations. But one thing must be made clear that following strict astrological rules must be avoided at times of emergency and crisis.


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