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Children Lines In Palmistry

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Palmistry ReadingThis article explores the influence of palmistry lines on the number of children that you are likely to have. Palm reading can predict the gender of your child with accuracy. Know whether it will be a boy or a girl or twins from the lines on your palm.


When you pick up a hand it should neither be too soft or too hard. It should impart a sense of warmth. It is generally said that a person's health can be seen in his hands. Definitely, it is possible but not an easy task to pinpoint the accurate problems related to health. The influence first starts in the positive hand and then it gradually moves over to the subjective hand.


Baby girlPalmistry reading deals with a lot of topics ranging from health and hygiene to travel and voyages to marriages and children. Now, to tell accurately, the number of children one has had, or is likely to have seems to be a wonderful thing and is also the subject of interest of many couples and the intendeds.


To start with, full and through knowledge of all portions of the hand that can touch on the issue is necessary and must be acquired. For instance, a person with a very poor development of the Mount of Venus is not so likely to have children as is a person with the mount full and large.


The lines relating to child birth and children are the fine upright lines from the end of the line of marriage. Sometimes these lines are so very fine that it requires a microscope to view them clearly, but in such a case all the other lines of the hand will also be quite fine and faint.


By the position of these lines, by the portion of the mount they touch, by their appearance and so on, one can easily and accurately judge whether the children born to an individual will play an important role in the upcoming life of the subject. Whether the baby born will be delicate or strong, or whether they will be male or female child can also be known from the lines.


Significance Of Palmistry Children Lines On The Sex Of Your Child

1. Broad lines denote males, whereas the fine and narrow lines represent females.


Baby Boy2. When they are clearly and distinctly marked, it indicates that the children born will be healthy and strong and when the lines are faint and wavy it denotes that the children born will be weak and disease prone infants.


3. When the first part of the line is a little island, the child will be very delicate in his/her early life, but if the line is eventually well marked, distinct and clear then the child will be healthy and strong.


4. When one line will be longer and superior to the rest, then it is indicative of the fact that one child will be more important and will attract the attention of the parents the more than the others.


twinsThe line which indicates how many children an individual will have runs from the outside of the marriage line in toward the hand.


The lines of children are generally distinct on a woman's hand than that of a man. But if these lines are clear and well marked on a man's hand as well, then it indicates that the man will be extremely fond of his children and that he possess an affectionate nature.


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