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Palmistry Reading For Bright Career Prospects

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If you are able to interpret the message of your hands then it means that you are able to understand yourself better. As a result it will be easier for you to bring yourself to adjust your life in accordance to your needs and desires.

Palm ReadingCareer is something which concerns all human beings. For everybody the right career choice helps an individual to be happy and with a suitable job a sense of fulfillment engulfs us. This article gives an overview as to how the shapes of our hand and palmistry lines help us in determining our career.


Square Hands:

This is always a practical and a very useful hand. The individuals always remain humble and always want to achieve something more worthwhile in life. They make very good organizers. They remain quite through with their work; and their work being very systematic and precise. The best personality characteristics within them - they are very reliable and persistent.


These persons make very good administrators, lawyers, doctors, architect, politicians, executive and organizers of all kind. The Head Line also needs to be taken into account, whatever may be the shape of the hand. If the Head Line curves down into Luna, then artistic and creative type of jobs will be ideal. Making of artistic products or being involved in music will prove to be good.


If the Head Line is straight, then the person will be more inclined towards a scientific and rational career.


Again if the Head Line is straight for a while and then drops downward, then it is indicative of the fact that the person is of a versatile nature. He will never stick to a particular decision and will be a fickle minded person. It is good for a square handed person to engage himself in a hobby which involves physical pursuits such as physical exercise or sports.


Spatulate Hands:

The spatulate hands generally have a flair for action. They just hate to be idle. Energy and vitality are filled in the individuals with this type of hand. They love to generate projects and schemes of their own which develop naturally from their imaginative and creative minds. They excel as entrepreneurs and are often found in the sporting field. Moreover they are good in dance, teaching, therapy and counseling. They prefer to work independently.




If the Head Line is found to be sloping, then any imaginative and creative job will be the best choice. Jobs like advertising, designing and interior decoration will suit well.


If the Head Line is somewhat straight, then a business of some kind will be suitable.


In short, the spatulate hand will be quite happy and fulfilled if he is given the scope to utilize his energies, learn new things and face up difficult challenges.


The Conic Hands:

They are the emotional type of people who are very often governed by their emotional thoughts and feelings. They can make good use of their emotional feelings in a creative and artistic manner. Sensitive and intuitive are the keywords within them. They seem to understand people well and thus make good Public Relation Officers. They are also excellent organizers, but hard work is something which repels them. The other thing which these people hate is routine. Along with challenges, they love changes and variations in their job profile. Adaptability, talent for languages, charm and persuasion are the keywords within them.

Career Predictions

If the Head Line is sloping, then it indicates that the person is of an imaginative nature and he will excel in careers involving art, music and literature.


Straight Head Line signifies the fact that the person is more of an organizing type and would do well and be happy in a career that involves organizing.




The Psychic Hands:

The psychic hand is more of the Conic hand. The owner of psychic hands loves to be involved in anything that is related to art and music. These types of people too are sensitive. But practicality and the humble nature lacks in them. Careers related to art, music, writing, drawing, painting, designing suits the psychic hand people very well.

According to palmistry predictions, hand shapes play an important role in helping you choose your perfect career. Try the free palm reading analysis and career horoscope to get more detailed answers.


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