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Boy Or Girl - Predict Your Baby’s Sex

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Pregnant Boy GirlWill I have a boy or a girl? Now isn’t that the question on the minds of all parents-to-be? A baby gender predictor helps you find out if your baby will be a boy or a girl. There are many baby gender charts or calculators but the most popular is the Chinese baby calendar.


It is the dream of every married couple to have a lovely baby, a toddler to crawl on their house floors or an infant to reciting rhymes. And based on the gender of their child, their future plans may too vary. We can never know whether it is a boy or girl till the birth of the child. But there are methods to predict the gender of a baby.


Baby GenderOne of the methods is the Ultrasonic scanning which can show the signs of the gender of the fetus.  But certain countries have banned the prediction of gender of babies using any of the medical or scientific methods. So, people resort to traditional methods to find out the gender of the baby. For example, if the pregnant lady is feeling too sick in the morning, then it is said to be a girl baby. If it is a boy baby, then you might have little or no morning sickness.


Ancient Mayans had a way to predict the gender of the unborn child. When the mother’s age of conception and the year of conception are both odd/even, then it is a girl.  If one is odd and one is even, then it is a boy. It is also said jokingly that if the pregnant mom wants ice-cream almost every day, then chances are she will give birth to a girl. If she likes to have sour or salty stuff, then it might be a boy.


Boy or girlIt is also believed that a higher heart rate for the mother is a sign of girl baby inside and lower heart rate is a sign of boy baby inside. Also, if the pregnant mom is carrying high, then it is a chance that it can be a girl child. If her tummy is low, then it can be a baby boy.


But there is one baby gender prediction method based on the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, that always turns out to be true. It was a method that was developed by the ancient Chinese and had been hidden in a tomb for many years. It is used to find out whether a fetus is boy or girl baby. You can try his free gender prediction test in 2017 to know your kid's gender.


All you need to know is the Chinese age of the mother and the month is which she has conceived. In the Chinese gender chart shown on the right, the columns represent the month of conception and rows represent the Chinese age of the mother. Try it out for yourself and you shall be amazed at how accurate this gender predictor can be.


Chinese Baby Gender Chart


Gender PredictionFor example, if you have conceived at the age of 22 and the month of conception is April, then there are high chances of the baby to be born as Girl. Your baby could be a Boy, if your month of conception was November and your Chinese age of conception is 27.


In case you don’t know the Chinese age of the mother, you can predict the sex of your baby using our Chinese gender prediction calculator. These Chinese astrology predictions are absolutely accurate but should be used for only entertainment purpose.





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