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Virgo - The Virgin – Zodiac Personality

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The Virgins or people of the Virgo zodiac sign are famous for their intelligence, precision and an insistence on 'doing it right'. There is an emphasis on techniques, which makes the Virgo's approach to life almost chilling.


It is also predicted in the Virgo horoscope, that in their sex lives also the Virgo try to do everything clinically perfect. This characteristic of the virgin - to do everything in an orderly manner, is noted in every aspect of their lives.


Virgo Zodiac SignSexuality and Emotions:

Pure Virgos find it almost impossible to let themselves be carried away fully by emotions. They always try to keep a tight control over their emotions. This is not because of the fact that they lack strong feelings. But they do so out of an unknown fear.


They feel that if they let their emotional guard go down, then unwanted and unpredictable happenings may hamper their life style. In a long term relationship, pure Virgos are rarely happy. But if they hit upon the right partner, then they prove to be the best partner. Virgos are loyal, faithful and supportive partners. Virgo sexual compatibility is also the least demanding among all the zodiac signs.


General Character:

The astrological prediction for the Virgo personality conveys that with the virgin's energy and foresightedness comes concentration for details. Even the minor and the less significant things of a planned event are taken into account by the Virgos. As a result, Virgos move on very smoothly and happily on the life path chosen by them.


Virgo Zodiac 2017At times it is very much possible that the Virgos become so very obsessed with the minute details of life that they tend to overlook the broader picture and the wider aspects of life. But in most cases the cool headed and methodical virgins tend to control their obsessive personality by relaxing occasionally and by prioritizing their work.


Life Style:

Virgo star sign people often lead a very happy, blissful and successful life. They can live with equal ease in both the cities and as well as the suburbs. Mess and muddle is something which the virgins cannot tolerate at any cost. They love to live systematically and work in a planned and routine manner. If they are allowed to lead such a life, then not only do they themselves remain happy, but they make others surrounding them happy as well.


Career / Profession:

Virgo are very practical minded and they always set realistic goals for themselves which are achievable. As colleagues, they are very loyal. At workplace they are the serious workers. Being task-oriented and organized are the keywords of the virgin. They will often get things done by others and then take the credit for the whole work done. Virgo's perfectionism in all the work they do can very often lead to ill health and nervous breakdown. The Virgos love to be a think-tank, the problem solver and the organizer of any responsible work.


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Best Career Options:

1. Lecturers

2. Social Workers

3. Managers

4. Executives

5. Actors

6. Artists

7. Musicians





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