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Om - Hindu Good Luck SymbolAs per the Hindus and the Hindu Astrology, Muhurtha refers to the selection of auspicious times for every new event. Muhurtha means auspicious. In English term, Muhurtha can be well interpreted as Election.


As a matter of fact, muhurtha helps us in determining when exactly the influences of time on a certain event is well disposed, when they are ill disposed, what combination of planets produces beneficial effects etc.




It has been well proved that success in any work entirely depends upon the auspicious moment at which it is concerned. Even though a man may possess all the advantages and the very best of everything, yet if he commences work in an inauspicious time, he will not at all be successful in his work.


Auspicious times are called the Subha Lagnas while the inauspicious moments are called the Ashubha Lagnas


  1. Favorable periods for Administering Medicines: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Tuesday are not favorable.
  2. Selling and Buying: Constellations Vishaka, Hasta, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Dhanistha, Aswini, Aridra, Pubba, Jyestha, Poorvasadha and Poorvabhadra are good for buying and selling domestic animals. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are unfavorable.

    Agricultural Operations: Commence ploughing operations in the constellations of Revati, Hasta, Uttara, Rohini, Mrigasira, Uttarasadha, Uttarabhadra, Sravana, Dhanistha, Pushyami and Chitta. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are unfavorable.


  3. Digging Wells: This must be done in certain zodiac rising signs if water were to fall in the well so dug. In Aquarius and Taurus, water can be secured in the wells; in Scorpio, Libra and Gemini very little water can be secured and the rest of the signs give absolutely no water. Wells dug in the signs occupied by the sun, there will be rock found in the wells. Thus, the rising sign must be watery in order to have plentiful water in the well dug.
    Shree Auspicious Muhurtha
  4. Entering New Houses or Griha Pravesh: The lunar months of Magha, Phalguna, Vaishaka and Jyestha are very good. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are good.
  5. Shaving: Cutting of hair means much loss of vitality and in order to minimize this, favorable days must be selected. The constellations of Pushyami, Revati, Hasta, Sravana, Aswini, Chitta, Mrigasira, Swati, Jyestha and Dhanistha are good.


  6. Constructing New Houses: The sun sign must be Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn. The period when Jupiter and Venus are in combo must be avoided. The constellations of Hasta, Sravana, Aswini, Chitta, Mrigasira, Swati, Jyestha, Rohini and Uttara are favorable.
  7. Baby Name Giving: Friday, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday are good.
  8. First feeding of a child: The constellations of Hasta, Sravana, Aswini, Chitta, Mrigasira, Swati, Jyestha, Rohini and Uttara are favorable.
  9. Traveling: Traveling east side on Saturday and Monday, west on Sunday and Friday, north on Tuesday and Wednesday and south on Thursday does not yield any good result. The constellations of Hasta, Sravana, Aswini, Chitta, Mrigasira, Swati, Jyestha, Rohini and Uttara are favorable are favorable for traveling.


Thus, in order to be successful in all your ventures always be sure to follow the Muhurthas.


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