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The 9 Romantic Love Numbers

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Love NumerologyLike western astrology or sun sign astrology, numerology too deals with the level of compatibility between two individuals based on their birth numbers and the corresponding compatibility numbers. "Gematria" is the Hebrew name of numerology which means the mystique study of numbers which identifies each number with an energy and vibration of its own.


In numerology, there are certain numbers, whose level of compatibility with some birth numbers is great. The combination of those birth and compatibility numbers creates an ideal love match and assures a long lasting and a happy relationship.




Sexual NumerologyThe numerology compatibility chart is as follows:


Birth Number Compatibility Numbers
1 1, 2, 4, 8, 9
2 1,2,7,8
3 3, 5,6,7,9
4 1,4,6,8
5 3, 5, 9
6 3,4,6,9
7 2,3,6,7
8 1, 2, 4
9 1,3,6,9


Numerology deals with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. It is a common belief of the numerologists across the world that numbers 1 to 9 are highly significant as far as relationships, marriages and romance is concerned. Each number has its own numeric vibration and has certain underlying meaning associated which tells us a lot about marriages and romance in general which are as follows:


Number 1

Number 1 people are said to be true and sincere lovers. They are very much romantic in nature. Numerologists often refer the number 1 people to be 'lover boys/ girls'. If however they are ever stuck-up by their partners, they turn out to be cold and harsh. These folks are good in taking up responsibility and heading a family.


Number 2

Number 2 persons are known for their calm, gentle and co-operative nature. They are quite loving and caring in their relationships and expect the same level of love and care from others as well. These people are highly intuitive and have the capability of carrying on a long lasting relationship.


Number 3

Number 3 people are very romantic and passionate about everything. They are soft hearted gentle lovers and are always on the look out to discover newer and more fashionable ways of love making. Security is the keyword in the lives of number 3 people; as such they are always keen in establishing a well balanced and sincere relationship. Number 3 people are however highly intuitive and sensitive by nature and they find it very difficult to forget their 'first love'.





Number 4

Balance rather than romance in a relationship is what the Number 4 people's prime priority. They think as well as speak quite practically and are levelheaded people. When it comes to their love life, they turn out to be quite earnest people and tend to be emotionally dependant upon the other.


Numerology ReportNumber 5

Number 5 people are pleasure loving people. They love to live a life of luxury rather than living a happy married life. Being airy in nature these folks are quite adaptable to changes. They are independent kind of people who do not like too much interference in their personal life.


Number 6

Number 6 people are those who are born for love, marriages and family. These folks tend to be very much dependant on their partners both physically as well as emotionally.


Number 7

Numerology Number 7 tends to be very choosy when it comes to selecting their partners. They think of all the consequences of their love life with the partner in question before falling in love. But once they are into a relationship, number 7 people do not give up easily.




Number 8

Number 8 people are among those who are meant for love and romance. Finance and money matters being their primary concern, their marriage and romance suffers a lot. Partners who are efficient and bold best suit these people.


Number 9

Number 9 people are born romantic and they can go to any extent to prove themselves to be passionate lovers.


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