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Daily Biorhythms - Emotional, Physical & Intellectual

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The word 'Biorhythm' has been derived from the terms - 'Bio' meaning 'life' and 'Rhythm' meaning 'pertaining to the flow with regular movement'. Thus Biorhythm is our cyclic pattern of changes emotionally, physically and intellectually. Physical, intellectual and emotional are the three phases of our everyday life. These levels never remain constant.


Our physical, intellectual and emotional levels vary from day to day and also from week to week. Diagnosis and studies have revealed that these changes take place because of the constant biological changes within our body, which results from the constant movement of the planets in the galaxy.




The three fundamental biorhythm waveforms indicate:


1. Intellectual: It indicates the verbal, mathematical, symbolic, and creative abilities and skills, as well as your capacity to apply reason and analysis to the world around you. At +100%  it represents that you are sharp, logical and intelligent. Your creativity and communication skills are at the peak. At -100% you lack concentration and at the critical level decision making should be avoided.


2. Physical: It indicates your physical strength, vitality and health. At +100% you are highly active and energetic. At -100% you may suffer from depression and exhaustion and at the critical level you may tire out easily.


3. Emotional: It tracks the stability and positive energy of your psyche and outlook on life, as well as your emotional capability to relate with and build rapport with other people. At +100% you are more prone to building new relationships, at -100% you may be extremely low on feelings and relaxed. And at the critical level you may be emotionally unstable.


The biorhythm chart is an excellent yardstick for measuring these changes. A range of days before and after the target days are represented in the biorhythm chart. The numbers -14, +14 across the top, indicate the dates ranging from the past to the future. Similarly, the numbers from +100% i.e. the maximum to -100% - minimum indicates the position of the cycles of an individual for a particular day.




Basically, a rhythm at 0% is said to have absolutely no real impact on an individual's life. But a rhythm at +100% - the highest, would give you an edge in that area, and a rhythm at -100% - the lowest would make life more difficult in that area. When the cycle crosses the midline, it is a critical phase.


For the purpose of calculating the biorhythm cycle, certain things need to be included - the date of birth of the individual and the date for which the biorhythm chart is required. The cycles represented in the chart help a person understand how his body, mind and intelligence functions on a particular day.


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