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Popular Alternative Medicine Therapies

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Alternative HealingAlternative medicines are those which are used instead of common traditional medicines. Normally we use Western research based medicines. However, since ancient ages people have been using healing with herbal treatments, acupuncture, yoga & meditation, massages, energy therapies etc.


These common alternative medicine treatments are still used in many countries to recover from serious ailments. These are the different kinds of alternative medicines which are explained in this article for your reference.


Basically a disease is caused due to lack of some constituent or excess of something in a living body. The major or complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack, blood pressure etc. are due to imbalance of minerals and hemoglobin in blood. In ancient times, people used herbal medicines that were taken from various natural sources to balance such diseases.


Herbal medicines from India (Ayurveda) and holistic healing from other parts of Asian countries are very effective. Homeopathy is also a kind of herbal medicine popular in many countries that cures severe diseases very slowly but permanently. Similarly, there are a number of alternative healing treatments that can be effective but need to be used wisely.




Yoga and meditation too are a kind of alternative medicine called as mind-body treatment; by which a patient is treated with various healing practices. In Asian and African countries people also used meditation with some special healing mantras (chants) to heal or cure patients. Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise that keeps body and mind healthy. Some of the yoga postures cure different types of diseases.


Massage Therapy



Among body based treatment, massage is a type of alternative medicine used to heal body pains, aches, and relief from mental and physical stress. Popular massage therapies are Thai massage, shiatsu, reflexology , and Swedish massages. Massage therapy has become very popular nowadays as it is not only helpful to cure body pains and aches, but also gives mental peace and tranquility. Many health and fitness centers practice and apply this alternative therapy.


People from different regions in the world use different methodology and theories of alternative treatments. Not all the medicines and diets are same; and one cannot be sure that a particular medicine for a specific disease can cure accurately if the patient stays in a different region. This is because; medicines and treatments are based on the climate, lifestyle and diet.

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