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Name Your Baby With Chinese Astrology

Article posted on July 6, 2012 and it has been read by 10189 people

Known for their rich mythical beliefs, the Chinese are known to be one of the most religious followers of astrology. Astrology is associated with almost everything in the Chinese way of life from arranging offices and homes to achieving more popularity at work to helping promising and aspiring individuals become more prolific. But what if you want to select a baby name?



Being strict followers of astrology and other forms of mystique, Chinese astrologers have proved their skills in that field too. They have came up with accurate calculations for finding out one’s lucky numbers and it is with the help of these lucky numbers that parents can select lucky names for their new born babies.


Chinese astrologers believe that the entire universe is based on numeric principles and calculations; as such numbers are of great significance. It is the name of your baby that is important for the new born as well as the couple. A good name with an excellent numeric vibration is known to bring about good luck to the holder of the name.


As per the concepts of Chinese astrology there are different ways in which Feng Shui can help you pick up a baby name. With Feng Shui, you can calculate the Kua number which tells you about the auspicious and inauspicious baby names. Also, the use of Ba Zi is quite popular in finding the perfect baby name.


Kua Numbers For Baby Names


Kua numbers are determined based on the birth year of the baby. This number tells you whether a particular name is auspicious or inauspicious for the baby. But the calculations are different for males and females. Basically, Kua number is calculated by adding up the last two digits of the baby's birth year until a single digit is produced. Then, you subtract that digit from 10.




Ba Zi

Ba Zi also known as the eight characters are considered to be useful elements by the Chinese astrologers. The three most common ways of using this particular resource to select an auspicious baby name.


1. Finding out the lacking element which can be complemented by another element. For example, if wood is the lacking element, astrologers suggest a name such as timber, bark or forest or anything that is associated with wood.




2. Find out the required element. For example, water is the required element and it is a missing character. In that case, the astrologer supplies a character associated with water.


3. Finally, the inauspicious baby names are used to ward off evil spirits.


Baby names are important both for the baby as well as for the parents. Thus, having a better insight into the influence of their names is important to let your baby enjoy all kinds of success, happiness and prosperity in life.


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