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Stock Market Astrology Predictions

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Money AstrologyStock Market Astrology is one of the most popular implementation of astrology with respect to the real world. But predictions related to stock markets are really quite tiresome and difficult. Though solar eclipse is one of the most important determining aspects in share trading and stock market astrology predictions, the more common method is using transits of planets.

Eclipses have a profound effect on the ups and downs of the stock market. A Rahu eclipse may cause market to go up; while a Ketu eclipse can cause the market to experience a downtrend. Another determining factor in trading business is the planetary positions. This article gives an overview on how the transits of the planets affect the stock market.

Influence of Planets On Stock Market Astrology


1. Sun
For a successful stock market trading, the Sun needs to be situated in the 11th astrological house. It is the planet, which represents the standing of the stocks to be traded. It can also represent the head of the Company or anybody who is in an authoritative position. The points to be noted in relation to the placement of the Sun are as follows:


  • Aspects between planet Pluto and the Sun symbolizes that price fluctuations will affect the whole stock industry drastically.
  • If the Sun is situated close to Uranus, then it is indicative of the fact that the stocks will fluctuate.

2. Moon
Stock Market UpMoon is the planet, which represents the general mass. It is the body that exerts its influence on all kinds of public service centers like hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other recreational hubs. The trading and the stock industries are likely to experience unreliable and fluctuating business during the transit of Moon.


  • Connection between Moon and Saturn brings about stability in the trading industry.
  • Connection between the Moon and Uranus is likely to cause irregular price fluctuations.

Buy Sell Hold3. Mercury
Planet Mercury governs the different aspects of education that is related to communication. It also deals with tours and travels related to business. As far as the influence of Mercury in stock trading business is concerned, it is the planet, which causes swift movement in stocks and shares. It also attracts the attention of press and media and rumors that lead to fluctuation in stock prices.

4. Venus
Venus – the planet of love, rules over those products that enhances our beauty. Apart from this, in the stock trading business, the transit of this planet may cause fluctuation in stock prices because of agreements and business mergers.

Stock Market Bull5. Mars
The transition of Mars is said to add energy and vitality in the trading business and will also give rise to stocks and shares. Mars in connection with the Uranus lends an unpredictable nature to the whole trading industry.

6. Jupiter
The planet Jupiter itself is vast and it also signifies growth, prosperity and expansiveness. It is the planet that exerts its influence upon all kinds of legal matter, government rulings and higher education. The stock market will be stable and an increase in stock trading is also expected during the transit of Jupiter.

7. Saturn
Matters related to the livestock, farming, lands and agriculture are ruled over by Saturn. The effects of Saturn are either stabilizing or depressing. As far as the trading industry is concerned, Saturn will lead to lowering the stock prices during its transition over planets.



Stock Market Crash

8. Uranus
Electricity, technology, gadgets, computers all are under the rulership of Uranus. This planet is extremely impulsive. During the transit of Uranus, the stock markets experience hike in the prices of stocks and shares. The transit of Uranus is considered to be the best movement after the eclipse.

9. Pluto
Control and Power are the keywords, which describe the rulership areas of Pluto. The transit of Pluto results in amalgamation and merger.

Thus financial astrology is strongly influenced by planet transits, eclipses and planetary retrogrades. Get free stock market predictions for 2017 now!





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