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5 Secrets To Being Healthy

Article posted on January 3, 2013 and it has been read by 11168 people

Health is wealth. But are you healthy? You can earn billions, but you cannot earn back the health that is lost. But health can be maintained. One of the most important factors in keeping a person healthy is by means of exercise. If you just move your legs or arms for more than ten minutes, it is a form of exercise. 





Even the shaking of foot while sitting can burn calories. But this form of exercise does not keep you healthy. One of the main purposes of exercise is to burn fat in your body.  Let us look at the five secrets to make you healthy. And now, they aren’t secrets anymore.


Secret 1 – Every long journey begins with a small step:
A form of exercise that can be practiced by people of all ages is walking. Walking varies with the speed and the distance. Generally, it is advised to walk for long distance in moderate speed. And like Rome was not built in a day, you cannot walk miles in a single day. When it is the first time you go for a walk, start with one mile and then add the miles every week forth.


Walking ExerciseAlso, morning is the best time to walk, as you can breathe some fresh air. If it is evening, there are chances of air to be polluted by the vehicle smoke. You also need to have special attire for walking which includes sports shoes. Also, it is advised not to talk while going for walking. In addition to the morning walk, you can also walk home from work.


Secret 2 – Run Forrest! Run:
Jogging is another step which experienced walkers can opt for. You can start with slow jogging breaking at times to walk and then jog. Later, you can replace the walking time with jogging time and can increase the speed. Jogging makes you sweat more than walking. It is good to get the advice of a doctor before going for a jog because it involves a lot of energy and stamina to jog. People either jog on grounds or run on a treadmill in gym or at home.


Gym exercise fitnessIn addition to this, people hit the gym to gain shape. Gaining shape is different from being fit. That makes the basic difference between a Gym and a Fitness centre.  Gym enables you to gain muscles and attain shape, while Fitness centre helps you to be fit. You can do sit-ups, push-ups and bar climb in addition to the jogging. Gym provides the extra mile by toning your muscles and giving you the perfect abs.


Secret 3 – Fire the Fat!:
One of the most important terms related to fitness is Calories. Calorie is a form of energy you gain from metabolism of foods that you had taken. When you run for a mile, the energy from your body is utilized to make you run. Now that spent energy is also measured in terms of calories. You might have heard ads that tell about burning your calories. It has a literal meaning. When you workout, your muscles have some friction and this causes the fat cells surrounding it to burn. As they burn, you sweat and ask for more oxygen. More the fat cells get burned, more you lose weight.


The balance of calories is what makes you keep fit. You can do it either way – by reducing the intake of calories or by increasing the spending of calories. We have already gone through the method of burning calories by doing exercise. Now is the way in which you can maintain the calorie balance by choosing the right food to take.


Healthy Diet foodEvery food that you take has some amount of calories. For example, let’s consider that potato chips that you are munching on now have 20 calories in each piece. And now you have already taken 50 chips. That means you have taken 1000 calories. Now in order to reduce this, you might have to walk for an hour or jog 4 miles.


Then, you have maintained the calories and you don’t gain weight. If you jog more than you eat, then you reduce weight. If you workout less than what you intake, you gain weight. So the secret lies in eating according to the amount of calories you spend exercising or vice versa.


Choose foods that contain high fiber content. Protein rich foods can help build your muscles, while carbohydrates can give you stamina. Take fatty food in small quantities, but never avoid it totally. Mixing all these nutrients makes a balanced diet and balanced diet is essential for healthy living.


Secret 4 – Jogging done? Now Yoga: In addition to these new forms of exercise, it is highly suggested to go for traditional Indian exercise form called Yogasana. Yoga was form of exercise practiced by ancient Indian sages. They had created different forms of Yoga. Most of the Yoga exercises involve co-ordination of almost all muscles of the body. You activate all the energy spots of a body by performing an assortment of Yogasanas. It is believed that practicing Yoga continuously over years makes your strong mentally and physically. You can join a Yoga centre and practice Yogasanas in addition to your usual fitness regime.


Yoga Exercise

Secret 5 – Meditate-ranean: A sound mind is necessary for sound body. Even if you exercise, it is your muscles that get awakened, but your mind should also be fresh and alert. For that, one should practice meditation. Meditation can be as simple as sitting down in silent environment and closing your eyes for couple of minutes. Or you can get advice from experts and can meditate for hours together. The main purpose of meditation is to relax from tension and to increase your focus.  Continuous and perfect meditation can help you achieve a healthy mind in addition to a healthy body. People used to chant some verses or focus on a single image to enable them to meditate continuously.


Now that you have learnt about how to maintain health of your body and mind, so, start following them and lead a happy life. Try the health calculators that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as balance a nourished diet.






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Zurab Pavlenishvili
Very useful to make first step. I'll begin to walk in the morning from tomorrow.