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Feng Shui For Your Child’s Room

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Feng Shui - the Chinese art of interior decoration examines the how the placement of things and objects affects the energy flow within our house. It also refers to how these objects interact and influence our personal energy flow. Application of Feng Shui in children room can help them benefit a lot as much as the adults. For every parent, children are their greatest assets and they can do anything for keeping the little ones happy, healthy and wise.


Feng Shui Pig

As per the Feng Shui principles, the right hand side corner of your house is the children corner. It is located between the top and bottom corners i.e. in the middle of the marriage and the benefactor corners. Innumerable desires, dreams and hopes are associated with this corner of your house. It is also the creative corner of your home and so it is important that you design this area in such a manner so as to enhance the flow of positive Chi in this particular area.


Support, security and a good energy flow are the requirements of a good room. These requirements are even more important for the children rooms. A child room needs to be so designed, that it supports the little one both as an individual being and also as a member of the family. Following are some of the principles of Feng Shui for home that can be followed for the purpose of making the room of your child the best place for him/her to live.


Feng Shui White Vase

  1. The color of your children room should either be white or off-white. If does not matter if the color of your walls are different. All you need to do is to add an accent of white or off white to the room. It increases the flow of Chi within the room. Placing a white vase or some soft toys or anything that seem to be appealing can serve your purpose.


  1. Sense of security is an important factor for all children. So it is advisable to put family photographs in the children room.




  1. Furniture placement is another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Never place the bed of children with one side up against the wall. This obstructs the flow of energy. Space should be left in all four directions around the bed. More importantly, placing beds just below the window or collateral to the door line needs to be avoided.


  1. The study desk in the children room should not be so placed that the child has to sit with his/her back against the door. This is so because it distracts the child with the ongoing activities behind him/her. If there are no other alternative options for placing the same, then place a mirror so that the flow of Chi is redirected.


  1. It is good to enhance the flow of Chi within the children room by placing accessories like wind chime, crystal balls, fountains, laughing Buddha and hematite. These accessories symbolize prosperity and wealth, happiness and energy and will make the life of your child prosperous and successful.


Children Room

Apart from these basic things, it is also important to declutter your child’s room. Too much of cluttering obstructs the flow of Chi within the room. However at the time of decluttering, keep in mind not to misplace those things, which your child requires in his everyday life.



The Chinese believe that the left side of the room is associated with knowledge. Thus bookcases and study desks need to be placed in this area for maximizing the flow of Chi.


Following the above guidelines can help you have a well-organized child room so that the environment of the room supports your child and provides him or her with a sense of security and well-being.

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