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Parenting A Psychic Or Indigo Child

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Psychic not only mean adult or matured people. A large number of infants are also born psychics. The difference between the grown ups and the infant psychic is - the little ones find it difficult to convey the messages across to others that they possess certain inborn powers and they can communicate with the spirits. They see them and also walk and talk with them.


Psychic or Indigo children are just like other normal kids. They do face many challenges once they step into the outside world, as the normal kids do. The only difference being - psychic children are more sensitive than their contemporaries.




Parenting a Psychic Or Indigo Child:


Psychicism is more or less within all human beings. Some have it to a greater extent than others. And those who have it to a greater extent are the psychic children. As these types of children are very sensitive, so they demand constant attention, gentle care, love, compassion and parental care. The following points need to be noted for the good parenting of a psychic child:


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1. Always be alert, aware and observant: It will be very wise of the parents, especially the mother to keep a track of all the upcoming changes within the child. Noticing all the changes occurring within the little one, focusing on their dreams, unusual experiences and their thoughts and reviewing them regularly will help. These things will help the parents in having an insight to the symbology of their children and make the little ones aware accordingly.


2. Acquire knowledge and be wise: It is important for all those parents having a psychic child to be knowledgeable and wise. It means that they both need to spent some time in learning about psychics and their behavior, their philosophy, mediums of communication, and also a bit about the ghosts and the spirits. It may be a time consuming task, but it must be done for the betterment and the proper guidance of their children. Moreover, they must be prepared to answer the child's queries quite honestly and in a straightforward manner without showing your nose the other way round.


3. Active listening is necessary: Be an active listener rather than an active speaker. Whenever the child comes up to the parents with story or an unusual experience, do not neglect. Rather listen to the full thing which the little one has to say. After hearing the incident probing questions need to be asked. Questions that will be interesting for the child to answer and at the same time will help the parents delve deeper into the fact needs to be asked.




4. Never ask to 'perform': The parents should never put their psychic children on the spot and tell them to predict what will happen next, or ask them to tell something which has already happened or anything of this sort. Rather it is the duty of the parents to teach the little ones how to respect their talents and power.

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5. Teach them to be natural and well balanced: It is necessary to teach these children to live a natural and well balanced life just like any other kid. Healthy food intake, adequate sleeping hours, spending playful hours will help the children to remain normal. At times the parents can teach the child to communicate with the trees and the stones in the garden so that they remain connected to their psychic abilities and powers.




While some parents show a very caring and loving attitude towards their psychic child, there are some others who teach their children to ignore their inherent psychic senses and messages and forget about their gifts. This attitude imparts a negative influence upon the kids. As a result when they grow up into a matured human being, life becomes difficult for them. Hence all sorts of negative influence upon the child should be avoided.

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