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Yoga For Elderly People

Article posted on July 6, 2012 and it has been read by 9111 people

"You are never too old to do Yoga."


Yoga and its practices do not know any age. People from practically all age groups can practice and learn yoga. These days everybody ranging from infants to teens and from tweens to elderly are becoming health conscious. Especially, the concern of staying fit and healthy is fast spreading like wild fire among the older age group people. They want to remain healthy, being active and self independent. Yoga is possibly the best option for them.


There are several reasons that points out why yoga is indispensable for the elder people. On attaining the age of senior citizenship, people generally find it difficult to adjust to their new life style. No work, no office and only idle relaxation irritate them very much. Probably being busy is the keyword in their lives. They are more accustomed to the concept of working and earning money.


But on attaining the age of 60, it is necessary for them to change their notion about life and living. Under such a circumstance, Yoga can help them in adjusting to their new life style, finding new aims and purposes of life. It also inculcates a sense of body awareness within them. Yoga helps the elderly people to relax, prevent stiffness in the joints and attain mental awareness and alertness.




With the age of globalization and change in the work life culture, people are getting busier day by day in their routine works. As a result of stress in office many people in their late 40s and early 50s have stopped exercising. This is definitely a bad move on their part. Regular practicing of yoga helps in the age reversing process among the elders and helps them look, stay and feel young both by age and their heart. Yoga enables life to be simple and easy to live.


Benefits of Yoga:

  1. Helps the aged people reverse their aging process.
  2. Provides excellent balance and strength.
  3. Strengthens the leg muscles and prevents the aged from tripping or falling.
  4. Strengthens the bones and prevents them from fractures.
  5. Increases the activeness and range of motion.
  6. Body becomes more flexible.
  7. Resistance power of the body increases.
  8. Helps in the recovery of a number of chronic diseases.
  9. Maintains and stabilizes blood sugar.
  10. Blood circulation increases.
  11. Increases the body's metabolic rate.
  12. Conditions of bad hip, back and spine problems show miraculous improvement.




Psychological benefits:


Apart from the physical and bodily benefits, yoga also enables the seniors enjoy several mental benefits as well. They can be listed as follows:


1. Concentration and awareness increases to a great extent.

2. The perspectives and the pursuits of life start changing.

3. With age the spiritual aspect of the universe gains more importance.

4. Persons facing sleeping problems find it easier to relax.

But it is important that one should always consult his/her house physician or a yoga specialist before starting. However, Pranayama or the Breathing exercise is the most recommended and the safest form which anybody can start off with. Yoga helps the elderly people to waive off their stress and attain mental peace and tranquility.

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