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January 2017 Aquarius Horoscope Prediction

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In January 2017 Aquarians will be full of life and zeal predicts the monthly Aquarius horoscope. Your vigor and liveliness will be infectious. You will be successful in fulfilling your obligations to others. Marital and family life may need a little bit more attention. You will prefer to be left alone than be forced into unwanted company.


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Aquarius Astrology January 2017Love / Romance / Sex
Love and marital life will be good in the beginning of the month. Your love life may change in way that you never expected. You need to more careful after that. Stop dominating your partner and learn to listen to what the other person has to say.


Sexually Aquarians will feel tired and lack energy in January 2017. But do not worry; your partner will set things right for you. Work related stress can wear down your sexual drive, but trying out some erotic activities can spice up the passion.


Career / Profession
Work will be hectic in January 2017 for the Aquarius star sign. You will be under a lot of strain both physically as well as mentally. Learn to keep the proper balance between work and home in order to be successful. Results may be delayed but things will eventually work out.


January 2017 Aquarius HoroscopeMoney / Finance
If you are not careful you may end up making some bad investments. Stay away from lucrative savings schemes. Take stock of your income and expenses. Do not live beyond your means warns the Aquarius horoscope.


You may be longing for a relaxing holiday but your friends and family may not be interested in accompanying you.


2017 astrology predictions foretell that overall health of the Aquarians will be excellent but you will suffer from mental tensions. You will need to control your stress and insomnia by meditation and some alternative healing remedies. Learn to relax your mind and remain calm.


You will need to take more interest in your family. Children and siblings may create some problems. Family will need your help and support. Stand by them even if you don’t agree to their point of view.


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