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Aries - The Ram - Zodiac Personality

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Aries ZodiacAries have always been looked upon by astrologers as a symbol of a fiery and masculine personality. Keywords which best describe the Aries are: commanding, choleric and violent. In general, Arians make very good innovators than administrators. They are always best at starting a project off, rather than running or handling it for a long time.


Sexuality and Emotions:

The typical Arian tends to be dominated in his/her emotional life by a need to express a burning sexual drive. This often leads to emotional selfishness and this in turn can take a turn to an arrogant behavior. But very often, the Arian sexual egoism is tempered by a more romantic side. This romantic nature of the Arian prevents him from acquiring a selfish nature.


General Character:

The choleric psychology of the Arian often begins to find expressions in early childhood in the form of sudden temper tantrums and more often in a precocious adventurousness and spirit of enquiry. But in later life these childish characteristics take the form of an ‘outgoing personality’. In general the Aries women have the tendency to dominate a relationship, take the lead in all sort of activities and be extrovert by nature. The Arians are basically more practical. They judge people by their words and not their deeds.




Life Style:

The Aries horoscope predictions for 2017 predicts that Arians always have a tendency as well as a knack of having full control over reality.  Careers which are not in any way concerned with material reality cannot satisfy the Arian nature. Basically, the Arians crave for money and all sorts of materialistic comforts in life. Manipulation is a common Arian characteristic. They are masters in moulding people as per their needs and to their advantage. In fact the pure Arian makes a better leader than the follower.


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Career / Professions:

Rams are well known for their energy. Entrepreneurship, competitiveness and challenge are the keyword for them in their career. The pure Arian makes a better leader than the follower. Arians can never excel in team work as they lack the initiative to understand others and are always busy placing their own view points. In fact, Arians are more concerned about tactics rather than strategy.




The Arians always judge others by their deeds, not their words; is concerned with the effects of other’s actions, not their purposes; and is determined to influence what actually happens, not analyze it. Success in careers is as important to an Arian as his personality. They always want to go to the top and of course they succeed in doing so in any field concerned.


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