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Feng Shui For A Happy Marriage

Article posted on May 23, 2013 and it has been read by 15078 people

According to Feng Shui principles, the upper right corner of your home represents the marriage corner. In case you have a garage attached to your house, then you have to work on enhancing the marriage corner of your house from the ground floor itself.


This article aims to give an overview on the ways of enhancing the flow of energy in your marriage corner. But it has to be remembered that marriage corner is not just for people who are already married. It is applicable to anybody and everybody who is in a relationship. Using the following techniques will also help somebody who is not into any relationship, to bring love into his/her life.




Guidelines For Enhancing The Marriage Corners:


1. For the purpose of enhancing a relationship, it is recommended that you use colors like pink, red, yellow, white and crimson.

2. It is advisable to have a vase filled with pink flowers in the marriage corner of the house.

3. Artificial flowers instead of real ones will do, but as long as they appear to be real.

4. Paired items in marriage corners are believed to possess great power. Anything in pair will do. For example, two plants of similar kind, two pillows, dolls etc.

5. Placing aromatic candles in the room is another good idea. Aromatic candles are well known for their romantic qualities.

There can be problems with these rooms such as a garage, missing corner (that part of the house is cut out) etc.


Remedies: In case you have a missing corner in the room, it is advisable to hang a wind chime in that particular corner. Having wind chime in missing corners, is a very popular method of warding of negative energy.




couple in loveApart from a hand chime, any kind of a potted plant in that corner will also help. Plants signify growth, prosperity and life; and it is for this very reason why the Feng Shui principles tell us to get rid of dying plants as soon as possible.


Now, it does happen in several cases that the marriage corner is located in the garage. In that case, it is recommended to keep paired items in that area. Negative Chi can also be avoided by keeping romantic pictures and by hanging posters of happy couples. Or else you can also keep a picture of you and your partner.


In case you are single, then you can use the picture of a good friend of yours coupled with yours, but both of you need to look happy. Any item or object in pink, white, crimson or red color can be placed in the marriage corner.



If you want to go for your bedroom adjustment, then just place the ba-gua at the entrance of the room. Furniture placement in the bedroom requires due consideration. The following guidelines need to be followed for the purpose of arrangement of furniture in your bedroom.


1. Place your bed facing the main entrance of the room. Never place it the opposite way.

2. Furniture sets with sharp corners should not be placed near your head. In case side tables are necessary to be placed by your bedside, soften its corners by using soft cloth, cotton pads or sponge sheets.

3. Furniture with rounded ends is best to be placed by your bedside.

4. In the marriage corner of the room, it is advisable to keep one pink or red colored flower, pictures, or any kind of romantic item.

5. Try and maintain a three feet space between the furniture of your bedroom. This will enable the Chi to flow across the room properly.


Seen from this perspective, there is nothing wrong in applying and following the Feng Shui principles for the purpose of having a blissful love life, as long as you do not become puppets in the hands of the mystic world.


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