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5 Secrets For A Happy Relationship - I

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Couples In RelationshipLet’s start with a romantic story. Tom and Tina met each other at their best friend’s wedding. Soon, they met over dinner every night and felt that they were meant to be together for the rest of their life. On a rainy night, Tom proposed to Tina outside her home and she accepted it. Then started the roller coaster ride of being in a relationship. Tom could not stand Tina talking over phone to her friends, most of them being guys. Tom loved football a lot and spent a lot of night awake watching his favorite club playing, but Tina wanted him to get rid of it .Tina did not like Tom consuming alcohol, which Tom denied before they started their relationship.




As days went by, they fought with each other more and every time they fought, they went on to the verge of ending their relationship. Tom switched his job and relocated to a different city. Slowly, their calls went unattended by either one of them and their daily messages went down.  Suddenly, one day Tina made a formal end to their relationship and now, both hated each other more than ever before. What might have turned into an excellent relationship and an everlasting happy marriage ended up as a sunken ship in a couple of months.




Love TestA relationship can be long-lasting as a banyan tree or die in a short time like a burning matchstick. But if one could take some efforts and put some brain into it, a relationship can be a breeze, a sweet smelling breeze. Let us look at the story above concerning Tom and Tina and deduce the secret behind love compatibility.


  • Give some space: Yes, this matters a lot. Provide some space to your partner. She might be the one you always think about, but you cannot guarantee the same from her. Understand that she is also a human being and she too has other work like you do. She too has her own goals and her own circle of friends. Let her live her own life. Remember, you both have decided to live together, not live each other’s lives. In the above story, if Tom was not too nosey and had given Tina her own space, then there would not be a single spark of hate between them. If Tom felt that Tina was going overboard, he could have said it to her in a friendly manner. But it should not turn into a blame game.




  • Respect each other: Every human being expects others to respect them, even if they do not do the same. The yearning for respect grows with age. Just because he/she loves you, does not mean you can control them. Also, do not take them for granted. If your girl does not like you teasing her dad, it’s better to stop there. Not respecting her or her family might create hatred in her mind and it will explode in a future fight. Also the word ‘respect’ extends to her interests and viewpoints too. If Tina had respected Tom, she would have allowed him to watch his favorite sport and let him be himself. Also, one must make sure the respect is both ways. Respect that is one-sided does not last long.


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